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Always The First To Die

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Author Comments

This is a video for one of the funniest mp3s I've head about role playing, in particular the perils of playing a level 1 mage.

The audio is by Jinx of Jinx.com. I discovered a copy long ago on Napster (when it was still cool) and never knew who it was until I was pleasantly surprised by an email revealing his identity.

I hope you enjoy it, and appreciate your consideration.

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dunno if this was made from personal experience

but I know the feeling brother, good song, funny and cool, good video too. I'm always playing for the first time it feels like when everyone else is level nine or something. lol

great Job

when i saw the file size i thought it wasnt going to be great. but i really liked it, its what u need from a flash its got a bit of everything great music and good graphics. i really liked it, while some of the art work could be improved upon most of it is very nice. you clearly have alot of talent and the sinking of the song with the flash was greart. voted 5/5. hope u make more of these kind of flashes as they are refreshing to view. thanks

Caught me off guard...

To be honest, when I saw this, I didn't expect much. But as the the flash continued, I found myself laughing, so good job.

Coming from someone who's lost tons of characters

TimScheff responds:

Thanks for the kind review.

Maybe I was the beneficiary of some lowered expectations, I'm pretty happy with it as a project (given my art skills are pretty poor) and glad that I managed to put something together that people can laugh at (in a good way!).

Great stuff.

The song, maybe something from They Might Be Giants? Sounds like something they would consider doing. The mage...yeah. He could have been an olympic athelete with all the running they would do. The spells just ran out too quickly.

Good stuff, the violence was a bit bland though, definately worth a 4.

TimScheff responds:

Thanks for the kind review.
The best clue on the author is "rocket sauce take 6", I'm pretty sure it isn't TMBG, the voice just isn't quite right for it.
I'd agree on the violence... I was very new to flash and I'm not much of an artist. I was impressed I managed to get it completed into a viewable piece of work.

It's allright, but nothing special

The song was different and pretty good, and the style overall was well done and thought through.

Your graphics are ok, very detailed, and I see you have taken effort in drawing them, but I must say I find them a bit stiff. Shadings could have been used much more effectivly, and your graphics are basicly built up with straigt lines and circles. It looks a bit amaturish. Maybe you could try to experiment with the brushtool, It can do wonders if you know who use it correctly. :)

Keep flashing and sorry if I offended you ;)

TimScheff responds:

In general I was always a complete failure at drawn artistic endeavors. So when I got Flash I attempted to create somethings fully in Flash. Given I produced this in the 30 day trial I was happy with the results but wished it would have looked a touch better. Knowing myself which parts I began with compared to the end elements I can see a huge difference in quality all over. I suppose I'll have to play with other tool like the brush if I pick up flash again (no money now and I refuse to steal). No offense taken at all, I think your review matches many of my own feelings quite well. I'm very proud/happy that the detail of many of the images was noticed.

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2003
4:26 PM EDT