Kefka is EVIL part 1

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this is my very first newgrounds entry! you'll understand this video if you've played both FF6 & chrono trigger.


there's a part 2?!

Nice, but it was a weird ripoff of Chrono Trigger.

not very good

only gave it a score to think about becase im a die hard ff lover


well the characters are copied so nuttin new there, the sound was quite good, but if you can call it a story well you better watch a few more movies. 10 seconds cant be good, it just cant.

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People should consider making the full movie...

Why can't someone ever make a full movie for once? This movie was about 1 minute, at least put a little bit of action instead of wasting 10 seconds of Kefka laughing! Come on, it was all dialogue for crying out loud! Where's the second one? Come on, that sucked! Make part 2 to redeem yourself!

This is the guy who wrote shit about Shi

I was in a bad mood... And the stuff I did turn in you are right! Those are the shityest things I have ever seen my self ahaha!! I made em pretty fast and that was when I logged on.. I am alot better now anywat.. Ahaha. What ever. I am in the process of making *Mario the wrong way* it is going to take a lil while but tune in!

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2.50 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2003
5:05 AM EDT
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