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Defend Your Castle (Full)

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If you've played the BETA, get ready for more enemies, more buildings, and more challenge!

Pick up the stick and throw 'em to keep them away from your castle.
The stages become more difficult as you progress.

In order to save, you must have the latest Flash Player.

The reason you lose units when you finsih a level is UPKEEP.
There is a cost for each unit you have when you finish a level. You must have enough points left over from the LAST level to sustain the units you have when you finish the CURRENT level.

- Can no longer Right-Click and select 'Play' to pass level
- Fixed problem with sticks not appearing after viewing 'Help'
- Enable player to better click on sticks around collosus
- Fixed loss/reset of armor and mana when Loading saved game
- Stoppped Demolition Ninjas from killing enemies if they reach the wall
- Sped up countdown of Upkeep & Bonus Points
- Minor bug fixes

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Wow... this also was one of the most memorable stickman games of my childhood.

The levels up to the beginning were very simple and easy, but as the levels went up, it became harder for the number of enemy stickman to get busy. Difficulty starts to rise sharply. Do have any End to this game? Is Level 100 last? I me have never reached the Last Level of this ... It is too long and time consuming.


Growing up with games like this is the reason I disdain mobile games. If people could make things magnitudes better back in 2003, where do you get off trying to charge people heaps of microtransactions? I can always come back to Newgrounds just like the bar from "Cheers."

I remember playing this game ages ago. It's still a fun and simple game to play for about 15 minutes or so. I bet it would do well as a mobile game too!