Dragon ball Z is Dumb.

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Any one Is one of the poeple Craping out Dragonball Z Music things Will hate this And i still Think Dragonball Z is Dumb!


If this is a joke then it kinda i guess for idiots is humorous? this sucks! Dragon Ball Z is probably known ,,THE BEST ANIME EVER" #AkiraToriyama4LIFE your just a loser with no friends that hates on awesome shows cause you don't know what to waste your energy for so you just rage like a fool that you are

Looks like shit, sounds like shit, this is shit. The deserved to be blammed for being horribly unfunny and horrible looking. Your first point isn't even a point at all. Gohan clearly explains how flying is done. And whats with the powering up joke? It's a focusing of energy, the same with why martial artists shout when they strike. This is just a childish piece of garbage.

your wrong dragon ball z is awesome

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your dumb

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Ok. Honestly, I see what you mean. I am an anime MANIAC and I love Dragon Ball Z, but I see why you don't like it. Mostly, what I don't like is that Nicktoons completely jacked up DBZ with Dragon Ball Z Kai. Now I have to explain to a bunch of kids that DBZ Kai is completely censored. No cussing, no middle fingers, no blood, and they took out more than half of the episodes! To piss me off more, they stopped it at the Cell Saga and went right to Dragonball GT. Just don't be a hater of Dragon Ball Z, though!!!

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Jun 7, 2003
8:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody