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StarQuest - DEMO

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This is a demo only. The idea of the full one will be to fly through a series of progressively more difficult levels in order to get to Earth, where you will have to save it.

Please don't blam it because it's easy or repititious, I know that it is, it's only a demo. Please instead write a review about cool features you think should be included.

Some ideas I already have:
-Some actual options in the options menu
-Large levels with a variaty of obstacles
-Wicked Sounds

Please review to add ideas


ADDED:I added a little booster in there, as well as a legend instead of options. Let me know what you think.

ADDED: I added a shield and shield recharge boost. Comments please.

ADDED: I added some sounds. Lemme know what you think

ADDED: I added a shield maximum boost
ADDED: This is the last addition for the demo version, the full version will be out later. I just added a counter so that there was some point to playing. My best is 21 879, till I got bored.



This is pretty good.

I liked it. Whens the full version comin' out? I think you should include instructions, though they were fairly easy to guess, and difficulty levels, too.

((( DECENT )))

Cool game, it was fast paced, and gotta be alert when oncoming ships pass by, nice demo, whens the full version coming out...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A space ship demo...



theres already a star quest! YOU CANT HAVE STAR QUEST!

It got very boring....

After a bit it got very boring. Something that you should add would be more expansive levels with maybe enemies chasing you and shooting you. You should also be able to get weapons and as you progress through the game you should be able to get better and better weapons.

Uh...sux, even for a demo.

How about some weapons and enemies like the original quest?
Even major stryker was better...

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1.83 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2003
7:54 PM EDT
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