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God VS Satan

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Author Comments

Whats up

I am JMC and this is one of my best movies

called God VS Satan

its all about them battling over good and evil and guess who wins in the end...

youll find out when you watch


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what the hell just happened satans an idiot


you are worshipping a "lord of evil" hes evil for the love of god get it in your head i do believe in heaven,hell,god,satan,jesus (and no i don't go to church i just believe in this stuff)and i believe this because science hasn't explained anything if they ever do explain our existance it'll probally be some idiot scienctist denaying religious beliefs (even tho there pretty smart but you know.)so anyway you will definatly go to hell he'lll double cross ya!
and no satan couldn't kill god because if you think about it god is a god (duh)
and satan was a angel now turned into a demon because he double-crossed god
(exactly what i am trying to tell all you satanists he'll double cross you)so it is possible for satan to be destroyed and god is invincable

now for the actual game review lol:
nices graphics liked how you did satan but god looks exactly like us if you read the christain story of gods creation of the world and he got lonely and thought he'd make a new race, a race with his own looks (because he made the dinosaurs which don't talk to him)he made a race that could communicate with him. and all and all.good graphics too

as virtual jesus himself...

i thought that the animation could have been better, but the idea was awsome... the story line sucked though
... let me get this strait... god speaks english... satan mumbles... aren't they supposed to speak latin... what is this a fucking 3ring circus...
that is all


dude, u need more practice. the story and idea was interesting, but you need more practice. the animation blows, they talked too slow, the movement sucked, etc etc etc...

But more importantly, this is to all you people who follw religion. As a theist (one who believes in God and Jesus and such, but doesnt follow a religious group), u need to understand to not vote based upn your religion. You are all morons. Satanists, shut the heck up! you worship a creature of supreme evil that will pass you over anyday. u are influenced by the media of black metal and marilyn manson, (dont get me wrong, i love all metal, and marilyn manson is the best, but come on!) you dont scare people, so shut the hell up! Catholics, you parade your religion around as if it were some award. Catholicism today has been destroyed and mutilated into a big whine fest. you want to give unborn babies life, but gay men/women cant marry! You claim the law gives the babies the right to live, and all men are created equal! but Gay men/women cant be together because of your Bible and therefore that right to marry should be taken away because you think they are inferior and are not created equal! The pope was a fucking NAZI for crying out loud! Dont get me wrong, i have no problem with any religion. i have friend that are catholic, jewish, wiccan, satanists, and whatever else there is. All i need to say is, you both are fucking morons, and you should think for yourself. God/Jesus/Satan will not hold it against you!

Amen Brother

This movie was great it shows how God once destroyed Stan and will do so agian when the Lord returns. Good work and don't listen to these pegans

Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2003
6:14 PM EDT