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City Stuff 2

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Just because you can steal one car, doesn't mean you can steal four


this had cruddy graphics

but the music had a nice flow so it went well but next time make the graphics a little clear it probly be on the front page the you would be mad hits.THE SHAIT IS NICE DO ANOTHER

Very good!

I like this a lot, it's very GTA-like and also funny how he dumps one car for another just because it's better (just like I do in GTA) and also the people walking onto the road get run over, that to was funny.

Keep up the good work.

Good work.

This was pretty cool man, i really liked this for the simple, yet effective art style of the film.
There is some good use of cartoon cars and characters, like the colours for a more brighter feel.
Nice work man, this was entertaining!

((( LOL )))

This was cute, and it kept me in view, if a movie does that it has really done its job, and i liked this for the simple and cute like art and style of the film, funny cars, and reminded me of gta series, also great use of cartoon like colors for a more brighter feel, really a cute funny flash...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A cute funny flash, cant be missed...



That was great for a 13 year old, Im the same age, and im sort of new to flash. But for some reason its really easy for me, i just gotta put time into my work.

About how long did you put into this one?

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3.29 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
7:55 PM EDT
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