Mascot Design (dress-up)

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Ok, i know everyone hates these things from newgrounds. But I think one more wouldn't hurt ;) And hey, this one isn't preverted :)

Anywho, go help the B-grouper's come up with a new mascot so they can leave the meeting.

Speacil thanks to Platypus007 from newgrounds for help make the game work.


Not bad for a dress-up game

I thought this was a pretty good game, but one of the negative points was that there was no sound. It was pretty cool in how you put in an intro. I do not even think I have ever played a dress-up game that had an intro before! The weird thing is that there is not really that much that goes on in the intro to include it. The background seemed pretty well designed, even if you did kind of need some more costumes to make it more enjoyable. I can see why you apparently abandoned these kind of submissions.

Hey, uh...@Pearly?

If you didn't notice, this is a guy. But good leap of judgement there, bud. I think it was pretty alright. You might wanna add some more stuff, give more variety. But still, pretty okay. Intro was a nice change too.

yay a different dress-up

this dress-up had a meaning for one and if you didnt want us to appreciate the intro y didnt ya say so.....u shouldve forgotton about the intro and added more items...oh yea i made a funny lookin one so humor is an eight...........8


I love dressups!lol,this was a pretty original one.=P Lots of items,you should have added some background music though,well,keep up the good work!



weeeeeeell.... it was a kewl dress up!

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2.67 / 5.00

May 27, 2003
1:03 AM EDT
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