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If all went well, I was able to lock down the 100,000k spot in the portal.
If not, 100,003 will do fine.

This is a tribute to Newgrounds and that wonderful thing, The Portal, which lets us flash authors share our creative inspiration with everyone in a way that could not be done with such exposure and phrill otherwise.
So thankyou NewGrounds.
I have revived my Newgrounds Tank Driver series as a tribute!

It is also fitting that today is Memorial Day (observed) in the U.S.
In this game, tank driver takes up military service in the worthy cause of assisting the thin-stretched U.S. military in hunting down Al Queda.
Unique to this series, it's a game. You play tank driver. You are assigned a Sector and you must hunt down and terminate all Al Queda personel in your sector.
There are 10 levels and you can work your way up in rank from Private to General!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move the tank. If you are a mouse user, there are arrow buttons on the console. The [SpaceBar] fires a semi-automatic gun mounted to the tank. The [F] key fires a flamethrower. Use the [C] key to fire the tank's artillery Cannon.

Problems and glitches: 1) Tank sound loops cutoff other sounds. I am currently using attach.Sound actionscript to control the tanks movement loops. For some reason, the stop.instanceName() command is stopping all sounds. I will be looking for a new method for acheiving this affect for a future update to the game.
2) The machine gun animation from tank works excessively well when the tank is turned at an oblique angle. This is because the machine gun fire takes the form of a movieClip, which when rotated to 45 degress, acts like a box killing everything inside of the box. In my next update, I will change the tanks machine gun fire to individual bullet movieclips.
3) Sound attenuation over distance. There is none. Currently something that happens 150Meters off screen is just as loud as something that happens right next to the tank. If you fire off a round from your cannon when the range is set to 180 Meters, you hear all of the destruction just as loud as if you happened at 25 Meters. I'm not sure if I will be coding a fix for that in my next update. :(

Please enjoy the game. I had both rewarding and frustrating experience learning lots of new actionscript in the process of making this game.

If you run your video at a very high resolution, and you are frustrated by the size of this game, please check my website (zenhex.com) as I will be providing the game in various sizes within the next few days.


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it was great

this was a good game, but u should have made the tank the ng tank

Pretty decent game...

It was a well done game, but finding enemy targets was more difficult than it should have been. I think a radar of some sort would have really made the game more enjoyable. Right now, it's a little bit time-consuming. I found myself wandering around aimlessly a little too often. Also, sometimes I would drive past a tree or other obstruction and tread damage would occur when it definitely shouldn't have. It's like the obstacles are being pushed down by an invisible force, not my vehicle. With a few minor updates, this game could be a real blast to play.

its all good but...

it did not have to do with anything with da fucken newgrounds logo now did it

piss poor

that was a complete piece of shit

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4.10 / 5.00

May 26, 2003
11:38 AM EDT