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December 7, 2021 –
March 22, 2024
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

A distress signal from the planet Tenebris forces Jack and Cooper, members of Earth's Task Force, to investigate.

However, when Cooper delves deeper into the planet's human colony, he finds out things are not what they seem...


A,D > Movement / Wall jump while clinging on to a sticky wall

SPACEBAR > Jump / Double jump / Hold to glide

CTRL > Dash

SHIFT > Change gravity

LMB > Shoot


OK, unlike the other reviewers so far I actually finished and I think the game is ALMOST BRILLIANT but the flaws holding it back are so annoying! Looks and sounds aboslutely beautiful but very frustrating to play as others have said - in a game which is so punishing on precision, shouldn't the hitzones be more accurately defined? It's hard at first to tell when the laser beam will kill you, similarly why are the tentacles lethal when they're emerging from their burrow but harmless while going back in? The gameplay has a lot of difficult timing of jumps/combos that you have to master because of how far apart the checkpoints are, but I kinda like the sense of achievement when you do figure out a way to consistently finish a section. The bad side is that you often have to make leaps into the unknown and get killed by something you couldn't have possibly seen.

The tutorial aren't very helpful, I don't think it ever explains that you can climb up/down the green beams with A/S or - though you figure this out early, hopefully, that S lets you fall through a platform. I guess that's all intuitive because it's so standard, but wall jump works a bit weird in this game and I didn't find the tutorial explained how it worked clearly. It sounded like you use A/D to cling to a wall then jump away in the opposite direction. But while you CAN do that, the most important skill is to stay stuck to one wall by holding that direction key while quickly pressing the opposite direction key so you can just "slide" vertically up the wall.

I had to give up after acquiring the dash function (as someone else said, this would feel smoother and more fulfilling if you had collected them somehow rather than suddenly being granted them by the guy you communicate with) because CONTROL IS A TERRIBLE KEY ON A WEB GAME. You start getting browser options pop up as soon as you start using it in combination with other keys - I don't know how many times I saved the game as a bookmark. Then finally had the w key pressed (hands in the AWSD position) and CTRL+W closed the browser window. Annoying.

Should really let players redefine keys for situations like this! Also left click for shoot was probably unnecessary, could it have been something that didn't require the mouse? Almost anywhere on the keyboard near AWSD would have done. Oddly the arrow keys work and for some purposes they're more useful than AWSD but bizarrely they work differently to AWSD - functions on up/down don't match W/S, and the wall-jumping is apparently non-functional using left/right unlike A/D.

Also to go through the options menu eg to change the audio or fullscreen means you have to restart the game? That's just silly. Oh and the boss appearance was kinda silly too, could it have been something more...alien?

But there were also lots of good points. There was a real sense of "place" in the different sections, particularly when you go deep inside the planet in the antigravity section. There was a plot that kinda made sense and was reflected in the gameplay. The script was written in excellent English which is good as sometimes poor spelling/translation lets the plot realism down. There was a huge sense of achievement from finishing it and you do wonder "what next". If players enjoy challenging platformers where rhythm is important and far apart checkpoints force you to master short sections of gameplay before you can progress, Star Dust is worth a try. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/757012 Very different, but creative, vibe to that game, and the controls are less convoluted.

its really hard in a way that only feels satisfying for 5 minutes after that its just aggravating

but its also really fun otherwise

The game is very hard but very fun :D
but I don't finish all (I stop at the place full of laser with falling platforms)

really nice game. the audio is really cool and i like the visuals. the gameplay is decent

I feel so disappointed.
I loved the intro to this game, I loved its atmosphere and graphics, and I loved the slow development of the story.
But the platforming is just too goddamn frustrating.
So many easily lost sections that lead you to die through not recognizing the patterns or timing needed, or that straight up combo you to death because of an unlucky jump.
It feels like such a shame that what stopped me from wanting to continue was the repeated pattern of one or two pieces of a section being based on timing, causing me to die over and over and over, and only being able to pass through by guessing when I needed to go.

I can see that there are at least 3 more power-ups I'm never going to be able to access, which makes my heart sink.

My biggest problem with this game is a few things:
1.) Many arrangements of obstacles cause the player to combo themselves to death by making only one mistake, which tends to make the difficulty much higher (since it feels much less like you have a health bar, and more like you're always one hit from death in those sections)

2.) There are sections that are hard to see or predict until the camera moves, which can cause a lot of frustration if you're far up on a section and happen to die because of something you did not initially see or could not have predicted kills you and causes you to start that piece again.

3.) This could also be 1b, but the mechanics of hit-stun (not being able to input anything, and being sent backwards upon being hit) cause a lot of deaths that make them incredibly frustrating. Spikes are the biggest offender, since they often group together and missing one jump or being a little off can cause you to start over that entire piece of the section.

My only other big problem is that the power-ups don't feel very organic. Since you're just 'given' them, it feels less enjoyable than the way other genres (mainly metroidvanias) operate, where it feels like a great accomplishment to find or obtain them.

It makes me sad that I do not feel that I have the will to continue. I hope that this game receives some kind of update that makes the platforming feel challenging, while not making it feel so incredibly frustrating.


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3.31 / 5.00