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Hello Lloyd here

 This is a job posting for: 3D Artist / 3D Designer

What I’m looking for is 2 character models highly detailed male and female with 3 alternative outfit they will be highly stylized with accessories featuring different times lines, Think dragonball / transfromers HERE ARE LINKS AND EXAMPLES

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/uploads/media/cache/work/rc/0Ohhva4a//uploads/media/course/0001/50/828b751381dd816d89184e473584b74cc40020fe.jpeg&imgrefurl=https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/109-stylized-characters-in-3d&tbnid=IdpPxRCp066sGM&vet=12ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMygOegUIARDGAQ..i&docid=X8CitaA3iMnUiM&w=360&h=360&q=highly detailed stylized character models male female&ved=2ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMygOegUIARDGAQ

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://cdn.flippednormals.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/28010150/big_5b99fb6aeb.png&imgrefurl=https://flippednormals.com/downloads/stylized-male-and-female-full-body-base-meshes-pack/&tbnid=kvbRhsthAkKLUM&vet=12ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMyg3egQIARAz..i&docid=yN3b6pySfTLzlM&w=1500&h=653&q=highly detailed stylized character models male female&ved=2ahUKEwj8pbbi5uXsAhWTf6wKHQZND5IQMyg3egQIARAz


OK SO https://polycount.com/plugins/emojiextender/emoji/twitter/smile.png

I am seeking 2 3D artists whom are willing to work in development this is a post and a real job.

 I am offering $85 for highly detailed character model and $25 each additional outfit plus accessories.

 I am looking for a long-term working relationship with future projects and also percentages on sales as (talent) on the back end (after manufacturing and sales).

While this job is for humanoid and robotic models if you have posted a responses, to this post. We keep track. Meaning, if you are Designer, Car Designer, mechanical engineer etc. If you post a link or portfolio images to this post (limit to one post per area of interest), someone checks our post and e-mail so if there are future project opportunity’s you may be contact to see if you were interested

This is my budget. Do not accept the job and ask for more. Or accept project and not produce

 I am posting on behalf of Manic technology solutions this is real for a real inde studio and an independent project. We don’t have much starting out but we will work with you if you work with us. We have been a part of this community for years we will help all, but we will start where we started

 And yes I said a percentage in sales after productions. We think differently enough said.

 We need artists and developers that we can trust that are independent, highly, motivated, goal oriented, and most importantly that can produce the product “DO THE WORK”,

 I understand and appreciate your time and interest I will not monopolize or encroach on any existing or future contracts I am here to work with artists and developers who would like to work with us “to help produce a mixed media project.

 Make no mistake this is a team effort and I’m looking for team players. You will be a part of a team of Artist, Developers and writers very talented and self-motivation individuals so orientations and production is a must,

 If you are interested I would love to hear from you.

This post is for 2 3d artist/designers.

all candidates must be 18 or older although our content is not exclusively mature we do reserve the right to make all content including mature content as we see fit , and in accordance with the laws of the United States

Thank you for your time Lloyd manic technology solutions.