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I'm currently creating a game called Jazz Dynamite and the Death of Society. A cartoony, real-time, RPG with inspiration from Fallout and Paper Mario. There's more detailed information in the link below. You play as a member of a post-apocalyptic tribe trying to stop a new wave of manifest destiny or join in it.



(There are spoilers in the further reading)


I'm an artist and a writer but I have a lot of trouble with programming and have no skills in the way of music. There's a fair amount of stuff I have planned, as well as a fair amount of art and writing that's already done for it but it would be incredibly helpful to have some people to work on this with. That and outside perspective from other disciplines is very important for making something good. I will give an equal share between the people that work on this for any money made.

If you're a programmer, musician, animator familiar with unity, artist, it's likely you could be helpful to the project. DM me here, respond to the thread or contact me on discord at Groblin Oatmeak#4272. Also if you could tell us what your time zone is, that would be very handy.


Hi, I am looking for additional help with a game that is currently a work in progress.

Please message me for additional details.

We are in need of:

Animators (2D)

Pixel Artists

Programmers (possibly)

For the Artwork and animations, it would be mostly 16 bit.

Programmers should either know or be interested in learning GDScript (Godot Python-like code) and decent at math.

We have a pretty chill group currently, everyone is friendly and understanding that everyone has a life.

I do not have a way to pay directly, however i may be able to help with funds for required resources. We plan on eventually publishing to Steam, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and possibly Xbox, PS, Nintendo, etc.. If the game turns out well, I intend on splitting profit, if any is made.

The best method of contact currently is via email at info@zombeatzmedia.com

Please email me if you are interested!

Thank you for your time.