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This is from my co-worker Micro Mana




HEYO! my name is Micro-Mana.

I'm excited for my first month with pixel day 2021. I'm looking for potential sprite makers for the project I'm working on. it is an episodic action adventure animated series, sharing both 2D drawn, and sprite animation. not many projects do this, but I'm willing to craft something along with the idea. and to give context there is indeed a story, along with along sound composition, as well original characters, which brings me to my next subject.

my sprites utilizes 16 bit snes styled designs. because I'm looking for people to recreate the style and assist me with sprite designs, I will be needing to look for potential artists who I believe have the best potential

if you are chosen, just know that I have a client that also is in need of sprite artists for his indie game.