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Hello hello!

I am a hobbyist that specializes in illustration, and I'm seeking others who would like to join me in developing a web comic, as I believe it would be a good experience as a creator to work with a group.

I will discuss the details privately, but for reference, the tone will be dark and macabre with a bit of dark humor, and it will take place in a modern-fantasy setting.

List of things that will be discussed/worked on with this team:

-collaborating on creating characters concepts and designs

-Developing a solid art style for the project

-Drafting and writing story lines and scripts

-Other such things!

I'd like to kindly ask that anyone who joins be at least 18, as there will be adult themes (nothing extreme).

Feel free to message me with questions or if you're interested! I am new to collaborating, but I'm very open-minded and easy to work with!