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I have no money :D
but we plan to hold a Patreon to pay. our channel is Visual raid and Im here to ask Voice Actors and Musicians alike to lend me there talents so we can work on a horror comic project for our channel. We currently Have 2,400 subs and we want more! why? because the more the better and more means more money to hire actors and people so we can make more comic dub projects and more! Contact me if you are interested.

Also i'm totally evil and i'm a creepy so yeah. I'd probably offer you fake chinese toys in a allyway behind taco bell while wearing a trench coat on a hot sunny day and offer you creepy things then it turn out to be me naked and id chase you down a couple of blocks until I get arrested by the cops for public nudity and go to jail for a couple of months and have to look for a real job but can't because of a criminal record, so i'd live with my mother and watching kinky fetish porn for 12 hours a day and play video games like a lazy millennial and start an argument online with a insensitive lady about a racist issue even though racist hasn't been an issue since the 1970s but what do I know? Then i'll probably troll people on like 32 different accounts and pretend i'm smart and like my own comments and shit. yeah that would be pretty millennial of me. Anyway, where was I going with this? Shit i'm like lost with words. Goddamn it wac this is exactly why you dropped out of college urgh. I forgot my topic, wait omg this isn't my blog.. oh shit oh shit oh shit I hope I didn't press enter! wait oh thank god I didn't crap people would know i'm a total weirdo and they never work with me on my voice projects! Phew close one! I'm gonna go read horror comics and watch fetish porn. Ahh good ol fetish porn. I'm so bored now... wait why am I still typing this? Am I that lonely? Wow wac you're so lonely stop typing!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! okay in the count of three I shall stop typing! 1... 2... 3! STOP!.... -.- I didn't stop oh boy. when will my brain decide to stop-

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