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Hello! My name is Kaden Gonzalez.

If you're interested, I'd love to help you out with any sound.

Also... I am really good at making 8-Bit songs so if you are making a video/videogame with that theme, I would be happy to help! just friend me and tell me what you would like me to do!

ALSO... I am a good voice actor (or so i'm told) so if you want some deep voices, I'm good at that, but i'm also very good with high pitched voices (i have a weird voice.). don't worry about quality (I have a Blue Snowball microphone)

I can sing pretty well, reaching down to the higher bass notes and I can hit up to alto.

Voice Demo

My Discord: kadepow┬╣┬╣#5337 (if that doesn't work, try kadepow11#5337 or KADEPOW11GAMING#5337)

email: kadepow11gaming@gmail.com

snapchat: kadepow11

Be safe out there. Wear a mask.