several links sorry about that(I'm not sure If info sheets are allowed on here so I figured this was safer)


I know I am still a learning artist, and still very unknown but you have to start somewhere, and you have to start to well start. So this is me starting. I didn't write it up on the sheet but I am also willing to do Art Trades and Collaborations, remember however that I reserve the right to say no if I don't feel like it for one reason or another, or simply have too much on my plate already.

I am going to give myself two commission slots, so when I finish one I will recontact the next person to see if they still want a commission from me.
One last note, I have been suggested by artists and non-artists alike to take half payment upfront as a sort of insurance policy, I hope you understand.(I know this makes it sound Like I"m expectign to get a bunch of people asking me right away, I assure you I'm not, it is just an 'in case' scenario note)


Here are the links to all the pictures I used as references for this.

top row (left to right)

middle row

Bottom row

This is my first time doing commissions. I have set up a paypal account just for this. When we come to an agreement on what I will be doing I will give you a link to it, as is stated on the info sheet, I will be asking for half up front as an insurance policy. Not that I don't trust you lovely internet people but... well you know there are those jerks out there that like to ruin things for people.