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Video Ads, Performance News, Unity

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Response to Video Ads, Performance News, Unity 2014-02-19 16:02:27 Reply

At 2/3/14 11:31 AM, TomFulp wrote: 2) We've been ramping up a new pre-roll ad system to run in front of movies and games. We are expanding the scope of the ad calls today to get a better idea of what our potential is. As the fill rates on videos improve, we'll be working to disable pre-roll videos that are built into Flash submissions hosted on Newgrounds, so you don't get double hit. Right now you may encounter situations where you get a video ad from Newgrounds followed by a video ad built into the Flash.... Sorry about that. We really want to make this system work because it will result in better quality ads and higher payouts for artists and developers.

Hey, I'm a developer who specifically didn't opt-in to revenue sharing because I didn't want players to have to wait through ads before playing my games. As of right now, video ads are playing in front of one of my games as well as some other no-ad revenue developer's games that I know personally.

Is this change likely permanent, and if so, should I opt-in for revenue sharing since ads will be playing in front of my games regardless? I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I have not been able to find the answer in any of the forums of FAQs. I want to keep NG alive and will be happy to adapt with any changes in the site.