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Haven: Chapter Two 2012-04-29 01:19:30 Reply

Again, welcome support and any constructive criticism you guys have to offer.

Link to Chapter 1:

Chapter Two

A Death Worth Living

"I count four near the gate, another two near the jeep on the far right. I could take them all out before they get too close, ill take th-"

"No" another voice interrupted. "We don't know how many are inside, for all we know the place could be crawling with them."

"Well they are between us and our goal. I see no way around them, so i ask, what alternative do we have Mark?"

"We go back" replied Mark. "To send three men into enemy hot zones is bullshit, i told them we needed more fire-power. This was our damn problem in the first place, government is either too slow to act, or is too timid to act properly. Instead of sending forces in bulk to give better odds, they throw our lives away and call it stealth."

"We turn back now and we are failures, is that what you want to be? Our goal is to get that comm tower up, and i intend to see it through. Wouldn't you want to know if you truly were the last of your species?" piped up the first voice.

"Darrius, you are young, short-sighted, and to quick to act. I admire your conviction to our fight, at only eighteen, having the skill and conviction that you do, but you have to know when enough is enough. Retreat does not always mean defeat" said Mark.

"We are the best, i mean, that IS why they sent us. People fear these things, but they die just like everything else. If all else fails, it never hurts to have the luck of the Irish on our side" said the third voice with a smirk.

"Flynn, don't start with that luck of the Irish shit, i swear your only half Irish anyways" retorted Mark.

"On my moms side, my dad got killed in a raid. Like i said, luck of the Irish. it was actuall-"

"Enough, i have an idea" interrupted Darrius as he readied his rifle with his silencer. He proceeded, as Mark feared, to unload a hail of bullets on the two near the jeep. Flynn and Mark looked on through their binoculars as the four at the gate moved to the jeeps.

"Looks like they are going to check the bodies out, guess they didn't hear the shots. We can chalk that up to luck of the-"

"I swear, if you fucking say luck of the Irish one more time" interrupted Mark, as he looked on. The aliens investigated the bodies. They made a bit of a fuss, causing a few more to come to the area. Darrius looked at Mark, as if pleading. Mark sighed and nodded, signaling to Flynn who readied himself. The three unloaded at the aliens. Most were killed in the initial fire, though the survivors began to race towards the direction of the bullets. They were quickly mowed down. The three soldiers waited and watched, looking for any signs of movement or investigation. After about ten minuets, Mark signaled everyone forward. Flynn moved into position to keep watch on the gate while Darrius and Mark began to carefully search the bodies for any tech they might have been carrying. The three regrouped near the gate. Flynn took point, but only took a few steps into the military base when he just froze in place.

"Be still, and be quiet" he whispered. "There are thousands on the far hill. The tower is just to the left of us..."

"We can do this, they wont even notice" said Darrius. Mark knew they had to act, standing here was the worst option, and he would never be able to talk Darrius out of it now that they were this close.

"Stop talking and move, the faster we do this the faster we leave" ordered Mark.

The three proceeded as quietly and quickly as possible. Mark broke off when he spotted a Humvee, in surprisingly good condition, nearby. The structure it was in had protected it from the elements for the most part over the years. Odds were the broadcast tower would draw attention once up, he figured that looking for a quick escape is just as good a thing as any to do. Among the things he found in various nearby tents were corpses, not very fresh, a stockpile of various explosives, and as luck, some would say of the Irish, smiled upon him, gas. Flynn kept eyes on the mob in the distance while Darrius got to work on the tower, a somewhat noisy task. Mark grabbed the gas and darted back to the Humvee, thanking the gods as he began to refuel it. Flynn noticed two stragglers wandering towards Mark. With no choice, he aimed for the head, and fired. One shot, one kill. The other sprung into action, unexpectedly grabbing a pulse rifle it had been carrying and started to return fire while darting towards Flynn. His heart sank, he remembered why we feared them. He downed it, and immediately looked to the mob on the hill.

"Haul ass! We gotta fucking move!" exclaimed Flynn.

"On me! Now!" yelled Mark.

Darrius sprinted to Mark, he looked up at the hill and could see the shadowy mob getting ever closer. He instinctively began to hot-wire the Humvee. Flynn ran to the drivers seat, and miraculously, the door was unlocked as he went in. Darrius looked at him and muttered with a sense of joy "Luck of the fucking Irish."

Mark finished up and began to fire at the mob. Darrius ran to grab him, but he only shrugged Darrius off.

"They are too close, i refuse to lead them all directly to Haven. Go, trust me, i can hold them!"

Mark was a good man, a friend, but Darrius knew that sacrifices must be made for the greater good, as much as it pained him, he turned and left, running to the Humvee and instructing Flynn to go. They both knew, they both understood, this was about more than just them. A major attack on the city would be horrible. Their hearts sank, but they fled, and never looked back.

Mark retreated back near the explosive cache he had found, firing every bullet he had right at the horde. They had covered much over a mile in just a few minuets, and would be on him very soon. Every clip spent, he retreated into the explosives tent. The creatures were upon him. One with a blade like bone protruding from its body was the first to reach him. He never stood a chance, his stomach sliced open in one swing. Though in great pain, he took pleasure in the fact that the first blow didn't kill him, it gave him time enough to see the grenade he had been holding explode, igniting a chain reaction causing the explosion of every device in the vast cache. The resulting blast completely destroyed any within the main base, though they still had many surviving. Thankfully, the blast made them retreat, they would definitely have caught up with Darrius and Flynn eventually if it didn't. As for Darrius and Flynn, it was a long, silent ride back to the city...