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Listerine 2.0

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Author Comments

Nerdy political rap. Because MAGA. I decided to post this after hearing about BLM and Antifa celebrating the murder of Aaron Danielson... for being a Trump supporter and a "fascist."

source: https://nypost.com/2020/08/30/blm-activists-celebrated-as-trump-supporter-killed-devine/

Tried something new with vocals, FabFilter Saturn and Micro with a highpass resonance on specific notes in the key of the song. It was really difficult to mix them not only because I spoke them in that accent, but my mic picked up parts of the loud Greek phone conversation going on in my roommate's half of the place. Without the accent there was just no way I could deliver these lyrics in an interesting way and be half serious, not to mention politically incorrect as possible.

If it sounds like shit, oh well, at least the instrumental got an FP. That's probably the only quality bit. I'm mostly so incensed at the lawlessness and racism going on in our country, I couldn't really be bothered to mix anymore.

I can't decide between Antisocialist and Antisocialism as an album title. Whichever one sticks to the mp3, there ya go. Comments, critics welcome.


Listerine, Listerine

It's ya girl on the scene

Fuck Vanilla Ice yall, more Vanilla Bean

I'm the kinda girl make splash on the scene

Hella cake, issa thing bitch I could be yo lock screen


We gonna pick my brain for a little bit,

Cause got something on my mind

When I was making this beat for yall it occurred to me I been way too damn quiet

so that's something I aim to rectify



Listerine, Listerine

Are you listening

Swish Swish Bish

Spit your brains in the sink

they up between your ears

And they tell you what to think

You can shake it all around

Empty gaze til you blink (swish)


Listerine, Listerine

Your mouth is burning

Swish Swish Bish

Better think before you speak

They all up in your face

And they making you be meek

Stay policing what you say

Boy you better keep it squeak(y)


Verse 1

East coast left coast, somewhere around palm springs

I like politicians even less than when my mom sings

these days people be steadily tryna bomb things

An democrats stay pullin on all ya heart strings


Listen lemme tell yall all about some hard thought things

Real shit opposite pop queen miss ariana grande's dope ass rings

What's on my chest nothing to see here better just keep on walking

why you balking you know they chalking anybody asking questions as… well


Up to no good, bad faith, full of ignorance

Because Surely twitter activists know better than the communities they represent

thing is They think Unwashed brains are the ones that you can't trust

Dox Whoever disagree throw that ass to the dogs under the bus


Uncle tom they call people of color who love their nation

Crazy racist, the one who puts out true information

Black cats can only vote democrat, that’s Biden's insinuation

But I'm on that Kanye West -- fuck the TV syndication sayin




Verse 2

Honestly a tragedy just the way they tell it

Ethnicity's identity at least so they sell it

And I hate the learned helplessness, antifa hellishness

Shit they be compelling to stay kicking it ethno communist


Because Intersectionality is actually endemically racist

considering the morals maintain value from sex parts and races

Claim white oppressors suppress regressive progressives

And by the way men are biologically aggressive and sexist



Listerine listerine

Are you listening

I'd rather hit the washing machine and call that shit codeine

Yall rocking tide pods

Yall pouring mo lean

Yall on that fuck shit

Yall on that dope fiend


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Aaand apparently I totally missed this whilst skimming through before. XD Interesting how different a take this artistry inspires... one of those beats that brings out things huh. Maybe. In whichever order it was made, music to text or vice versa. Complex lyricism too, impressive...


ADR3-N responds:

I actually wrote the bulk of the lyrics two years or something like that ago and shaved them into shape onto the beat. Super flattered you liked the beat enough to drop a verse <3


ADR3-N responds:

спасибо, дружок
gracias amigo
Thank fren

Why hide your score tho?

I'm not sure if we politically see eye to eye on everything but your lyrics were vague enough that we can still be friends! Rejoice! Really nice writing ADR. Back track kicked nice. Loved that slap bass, drums were tight :D

ADR3-N responds:

Haha, as long as you don't think it's okay to shoot people who disagree with you for being "fascist", I can come sit at the table. And I mean that in the sense of you shooting me, not me refusing to talk to you. Bolshevism is a dumb, failed ideology. <3


Credits & Info


4.36 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2020
2:43 AM EDT
File Info
8.4 MB
3 min 41 sec
  • Mixcraft
  • Mixcraft 9
  • Kontakt 5

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