Frozen Teardrops

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Reminds me of a funeral during an ominous winter. My first classical piece-I need feedback


Very very good its like im playing a empire game i mean This is old and good

It's good...

Just to say it, I like this piece, quite a bit. However, there are some issues with it as you have posted it as a classical piece. I realize my rating is a bit lower than general but I myself am a classical musician so I tend to be a bit more critical and I hope that I can give you some useful advice. The beginning part is nice and peaceful but almost a bit too long and drawn out. It doesn't have quite enough variation within the first minute to be as interesting as it has the potential to be. That said, the sort of trance that it creates is an interesting effect so that point could be more or less moot for most people.

The snare drum in okay but it seems out of place coming in to early before the rest of the orchestral instruments, minus the organ and piano. I understand that it's there to progress the piece but perhaps if you brought it into the piece a few repetitions of the piano theme later it would be slightly less out of place. Please keep in mind that a lot of these suggestions are subject to my own personal taste and might not be reflected by the rest of the people on here.

Now then, on to the orchestra part. The strings underneath are good. They set an atmospheric base at the beginning that is quite appealing and really sets the platform for the horn to come in over the top of them. The horns though...need some work. They changes between the notes are too choppy and disjointed for the feeling of the song. If there were a way to smooth them out it would drastically improve the quality. I believe that this is because the whole piece sounds very organic, save the horns which sound synthesized. Just sort of hurts the overall mood of the song.

The bells are good but they seem a bit rapid for the pace of the song. Perhaps if you stretched one note into two bars instead of just one. When it comes to the ending, the dropping of the snare is kind of abrupt and leaves the piece suddenly sounding a bit hollow. A fade out might give the impression of continuation better, as this whole piece sounds not so much like a final event but an ongoing sadness, perhaps an endless tragedy or an eternal cold darkness. Judging by your description I'd guess that was somewhat the feeling you were going for.

There are occasionally times when the piece seems a bit busy, for instance when you have the two piano parts alone, one laid over the other. Don't know why but it just seems kind of jumbled. Also, smoothing the violin melody-ish thing's note changes would add a beautiful touch.

I'm sorry if I've been overly critical or suggested things that are impossible. I'm not a synth artist and so I don't fully know the range and limitations of your capabilities, I'm just giving my advice as a classical musician. I suppose if I had to say one thing, to paraphrase, I'd say smoothness and flow. It's great at times but other times it's a bit lacking. For classical music, the more organic you can make it, the better. Still, I love this song and I've listened to it at least two or three dozen times prior to writing this. Hope some of this stuff helps and thank you for making such a beautiful track. Stuff like this is hard to find on the internet.

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NightHawk22 responds:

That was a surprisingly thorough and accurate review. I appreciate the honest feedback from a music connoisseur. You had many good points, and if I had know about them before, I could probably have made this song better, but the one thing I couldn't fix is the french horn. The synth I used for it is not very... dynamic. I am using Frooty Loops, which is not know for orchestral style composition. I did the best I could with what I had. Thanks for the great review!

p.s. glad you liked Starscape IV!


A great piece of work with at least three different emotions/atmospheres.

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I try to envision something when I listen to music... and I can see a person that was a great person to every1, either dying with his friends around him, or frozen by the snow, icy cold wind, or some spell, and every1 vowing to continue his legacy and his dreams onward...

Thats what I get, so great song.

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This piece scream Castlevania:SOTN. Which is a great thing 'cause that was a great game. Point being: great song.

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