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Serenade no. 1 (2015)


Author Comments

Original date: December ??, 2015

project notes written dec 2019:

*I do not make songs like this anymore.*

just a demonstration

So, this is my first song. I was 14 orrr just in 8th grade. It just straight up whispered in my head and actually took me 8 months to complete because I lacked resources (software, plugins, a decent headphones, etc...)

how I made this song [deviantART stash journal]: https://sta.sh/0q3w6163ko1

some boring history:

Before I played several games in Flash and some music rhythm games that made me discover electronic music, I used to listen to classical and to the new age music my older bruh made. My brother is also a producer (using a notation software called Finale and he was commissioned a lot) and he's now a music teacher and a mentor. My family is classically trained, except me. No one dared to teach me because they prob expect """""it runs in the blood.""""" I ended up self taught in a bad way. No reading or watching tutorials. I dunno wth is a minor third and the ionic diatonic thing, those shit will make my nose bleed. Until now I can't read notes and I feel bad for it.

uh ugh, the song is not really good or whatsoever. This is was made at an older version the program I'm using and some things went incompatible. Yes the compressor. Low ratings appreciated, idk, this is not how my music works anymore. (but i still value it given how it pursued me to make [bad] music) I currently make uplifting trance, somewhat inspired by Ferry Corsten and the music he promoted in his weekly Corsten radio. low ratings r okay and this deserves it.

this is my recent song: https://soundcloud.com/user-496128473/new-beginning-unfinished/s-wm5kU

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The new really was more vibrant, but still, there's almost an additional layer of peace with this one when it comes to the pace, a nice kind of slow if that's what you're looking for... and the melody's still there. Never off note. Drags on a bit at the end maybe...

Really impressive for a first.


VortexSupernova responds:

Thanks again! Ay yeah, that's the thing this original version I can't seem to replicate to the new one. The soft reverb on oboes and the chimes in the beginning makes it more peaceful

Bruh this is so underrated, personally, I love the emotion that this song brings, it brings some kind of peaceful emotion or something like that.

Also, interesting history behind this song, I also make music based on my intuition, and inspiration form other songs that I listen to, it's much easier that way for me. Unlike you, my family is not classically trained, however, my dad does music for a hobby. He mostly play electric guitar, but can also play other instruments to using his intuition and general music theory, though he cannot read notes, only tabs. He got me to a classical guitar course, I was able to play classical songs and able to read notes, then he got me to an electric guitar course.

Overtime, I got bored in learning courses, and just got lazy in practicing my instruments, I wanted to make something more. That is when I discovered Garageband, my family is an ios user, so Garageband is available for free on my device, I played around with it for a while, making ridiculous songs that have random notes without structure. After a while I decided to cover songs using my intuition, and it turned out pretty good, that's when I decided to make my own songs using my intuition. Till this day, I still wonder how I was able to make complex songs without advanced musical theory, it just came out of my head like magic. I think it's because of all the inspiration that I've gathered throughout the years of me listening to different kinds of music.

All in all, I think intuition, imagination or creativity is an integral part of a human being, next to knowledge. When they bind together, they can create amazing things. I mean, you cannot create an airplane without having to imagine it in the first place right?

Beautiful piece nontheless


VortexSupernova responds:

Thanks! I really liked making these type of music, calm, progressive and easy going. I got into a learning course too. I learned how to read notes on a Grade 1 piano book but eventually I never got into Grade 2 and whenever I read the Bass Clef I had to "All cows eat grass" because I know no shit other than the G Clef BRUH.

Ah, interesting, that you came from someone who actually knows music, but does not know some music theory, and you use intuition too! I don't know too how I create good melodies, I think that is a subconscious or unconscious part of the processing. We know but we can't explain why! It's not important "what is", but "how is" -- its answer exists, but it "doesn't" exist due to the lack of understanding in the process.

I discovered my DAW accidently haha, it was outdated, then upgraded it when I used a more powerful PC. I discovered it from an online friend I have no contact anymore. I tried to install it in my phone, didn't know it was for PC's.

I'm planning to do a quick reprise of these along with my other calm classical theme songs, using the correct type of limiter lol and a very good orchestra suite VST (BBC Symphony Orchestra)