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BlighterProductions - Quasar

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Author Comments

Note: please leave a vote on my music. Also a comment (I’d prefer constructive over praising) would be nice.)

Probably my new best chillwave song. I have had, yet again, ton of fun making this song. Now, this song is longer and more unusual than what I make commonly, but I actually got the motivation to make more songs like this. Also, this might be my best percussional sequence I ever created. This is a special one.

Feel free to use this in a documentary or something, as long as you credit me for my work.

FUCK man, 500+ views. That’s the most popular song I ever made!

Note: Only listen with subwoofers, boxes or JBL headphones for the best experience!

BPM: 80

Finished on: December 2 2019

Genre: Chillwave

Bitrate: 320KBPS (Original File bitrate: 645KBPS)

Instruments: Pads, Choirs, Leads, Mallets, Basses, Bells, SFX, Chronimum, Drums, Percussion

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Intro is very subtle. Dig.

I think the perc comes in just a liiiittle too heavy. I'd take down the hihats about half a dB. Maybe more. They're quite loud compared to the rest of the track by the time our bass comes in.

I may also space out what sounds like claps somewhat more and possibly reverb those veeeeery lightly.

The next section to come in is so abrupt sounding due to how quiet the piece is. Might take that arp down by a dB and low pass filter it.

We also have a lot of low frequencies. Make sure any ensemble you have, the instruments aren't in each other's way. I.e cut the low frequencies of higher instruments or non-basses to crisp them up and get them out of the subwoofer's way. 250 hz is usually the magic number. There are tutorials and lots of free plugins for this like ReaPlugs which will let you see the frequencies you are working with as they come in.

I would still take down those hihats more as we get to 3:47 and take the arp down a bit more until we get those wide swells in. I like that btw.

There is some synth that has a lot of tingling ringing in what sounds like the 18k or so range. It's like tingling change in my ear and I don't really like it.

The radio noise also could probably come down -- the tuning SFX. And I would give it a ping pong delay.

You're talented at creating atmosphere for sure.

I think JBL headphones might be coloring your sound some. Commercial headphones tend to add a lot of bass or alter mids and highs to get people to think they're somehow better than others, when really the issue is inferior audio quality. I use Audio Technica ATH-M40x studio monitor headphones. They give a good representation of how a song will sound all around and make for a good reference headphone. I would try to mix songs so that they will sound good on the average sound system, as well as the extraordinary, since not everyone has the luxury of JBL, beats, or any other great setup we might like to have represent our music. :)

Great work, and thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey ADR3-N, thanks for your constructive advice. I would like to answer on some of the points you mentioned:

-You shouldn't take the JBL thing literal, it's only since I use JBL headphones to create my music, and I tweaked them to the JBL headset perfectly, which is perhaps why it sounds different on other devices. You couldn't know this, but thanks for letting me know. It's only more helpful to know these things.

-When the second drop comes at 228 seconds, I didn't even realise to the point you notified me about it that there is a little too much of a 'significance' (if I wrote that correctly) between direct attack and swelling attack.

-The tingling is caused by resonance in the so-called ''Droplet''-synth. It's an instrument I frequently used in my newer songs (Natrium Flow, R136A1, Discothéque to name a few) and also with my headphones they're decreased since JBL headphones are automatically equipped with a lower frequency equalizer that causes more bass.

-''You're talented at creating atmosphere for sure.'' Thanks a lot, and I only joined the NGUAC to learn some new stuff in music on NG. And I reasoned that, since this is my most popular, and also one of my best songs, this would make for a good submission (not trying to show off or so).

There are still point in your comment that I can't really agree with, but it's nothing personal, more something from my point of view. But comments like this are always welcome in my comment sections.

-Signed BlighterProductions

Great and beautifull original sound tracks.

I really hope you get more attention. You definiately deserve it. ;)

BlighterProductions responds:

I hope so. And otherwise I am just grateful with all the attention that I get. 😉

Nice song wel build up but only it is a little to quite in the behind good use of the vocals btw and also I hear no bass in the start of the song but later the bass is building up so all whit all it is good song u think I can put this is in a remix

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2019
11:44 AM EST
File Info
14 MB
6 min 7 sec

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