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AlieN - Heroes (Dubstep)

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Author Comments

So... enjoy!

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Painful frequencies
No clear introduction to the song
The clap sounds buried in the mix
The chord progression is extremely simple, consisting of only 2 notes

The lead is wayy too loud and random
Could do with being more dynamic and less rough in the mix
(It just sounds slapped on at the end)

This riser is so loud and obnoxious and it doesn't work as a sufficient way to escape a phrase in a song
It again, like most things in the song, just sounds like a cheap slap dash effort to hold a song together.

This part is pretty cool, horrifically mixed, but that's one of your weaknesses, but it doesn't fit with either the first part or the part to come, which makes it sound kinda pointless.

the melody has potential, but the note lengths are off and it just sounds rushed that way
The sound you chose, was again, just a saw wave, seriously, this isn't 2001, you cant just slap a saw wave on there and hope for the best.
The mixing is dreadful, how can you not hear these abrupt, scraping frequencies?

Dissonance, there is a small interval between two notes and it makes it warble, very harsh to listen to.

there seems to be some weird filtering on the notes of this lead from this point onward, it sounds as if it has been bit reduced.

Okay, you didn't even try to have any rising escape from this section, and then it just reverts back to a copy and paste of the original, I see what you tried to do, but that was never gonna work.
This then turns into a build which comes completely out of nowhere and sounds pretty generic, empty, and lazy.

What's up with the sound quality of that chant?

Very painful frequencies, again, lacklustre mixing

I don't think you know how to use Harmor, this is just a simple wave that you distorted the heck out of, didn't cut the sub, didn't compress, didn't attempt to eq in any way, and didn't sidechain to the drums. Harmor is extremely easy to use even from the standpoint of a beginner so I'm not sure how you managed to mess up that badly, and then, once you have gone past that, it just repeats, and repeats, and repeats for more than half a minute! theres almost no variation besides the addition of a loud high complimentary (?) bass

The next segment is literally a copy paste from the intro. no added Pizzazz to make it interesting, no improvements or tweaks, just a quick Ctrl+A Ctrl+B and you're done, you could have done way more, honestly, I'm super disappointed with the incredible low quality of your music currently, put time into practising instead of uploading every single test project you make, because quite frankly, all the positive reviews are either from unknowing gd players or people who are concerned about getting disliked themselves by giving a low mark, trying to avoid backlash, and it's not helping you in the slightest. You're not gonna improve if all you hear is cheap 3 word praises people decided to give you. the few actual detailed reviews probably say something useful, but to be honest, I've found nothing that actually pushes you in the right direction besides the occasional, yet scarce comment of at least a little bit of constructive criticism.

The 808 bass is two octaves too high (might just be one, I don't have perfect pitch)

The supersaw doesn't fit at at all, it's just put there from the copy paste of the first drop and you decided not to remove it.

whyyyy.... it's the exact same bass from last time, same pattern, same everything

Why did it just cut out?

Where's the outro? you cant blame this on CPU as it's a small project, going off how it sounds. it just ends, dead. you could have at least added *something* original to the song to finish it off

Okay, I just spent an hour compiling this and working out areas for you to improve, all while trying not to dwell on things I've already said or have been said lots of times in the comments, I beg of you that you read this and take it into account.

I personally recommend you take at least a 6 month break and just practice sound design and mixing (mostly) but also theory and structuring etc, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you, but uploading this rushed, lazy, junk (quite frankly) every 3 days and waiting for gd fan girls to come and praise you isn't gonna get you anywhere in a music production career, you can do much better than this, I believe that you can, anyway, but you, yourself have to believe.

Anyway, thanks for your time, and have a great day!

AlienNinjaGD responds:

Thanks for this review! Actually, I hoped you will like it more. So:
I didn't use saw wave shapes (but the chords, but they're detuned)
I find the intro sound design pretty cool.
Yeah, the melody lead is not my best.
I know how to use Harmor, just tried something new - pitched down wave (it wasn't saw, I can't remember its type) with distortion and flanger.
The chant is sidechained and that makes its volume lower (obviously) so it's a bit hard to hear it.
I didn't use 8o8, this was just a sub.
And, I actually practice melody and drop sound design in my free time (like making presets and remaking them).

real nice job dude

AlienNinjaGD responds:


good job!

AlienNinjaGD responds:

Thank you!

cool =) Sounds pretty good, I liked it

AlienNinjaGD responds:


muy buena nesecita mas reacciones y mejorar mas el tono de los pum pum

AlienNinjaGD responds:

I don't talk spanish, but 5 stars is 5 stars. Thx!!!

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3.85 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2019
12:35 PM EDT
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3 min 28 sec

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