My Baby Flew Away

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A song about a father who is left behind after his daughter went to Los Angeles to follow her dreams.....

My style of music has changed a lot these last months, and for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm having fun making music again. Will definitely be tough to advance from this round, but I've had a blast regardless of what happens.
Huge credz to Adam for doing the vocals even though I asked him like 20 hours before the deadline.

My baby flew away
One moment she's beside me
The next she's in LA
Even though it's lonely
I'll see her smile again
My baby flew away
My baby flew away

We used to sing by the fireplace
Every 2nd Friday night
But one day you packed your briefcase
Now I hum alone by the light

My baby flew away
My baby flew away
One moment she's beside me
The next she's in LA
Even though it's lonely
I'll see her smile again
My baby flew away
My baby flew away

I can't sleep
I'm singing by the light
Since she left me in the night
I can't dream
I guess I lost the spark
When you left me in the dark

Left me in the dark
Left in the dark
I am always waiting where you left me in the dark
Left me in the dark
Left me in the dark
I am always longing where you left me in the dark

We used to sing by the fireplace
Every 2nd Friday night
But one day you packed your briefcase
Now I hum alone by the light

My baby flew away
My baby flew away
One moment she's beside me
The next she's in LA
Even though it's lonely
I'll see her smile again
My baby flew away
My baby flew away

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I like the jangly guitars and vocals at the beginning. Perhaps the piece could’ve used more of a proper intro, but the beginning does have a spontaneity that matches the thematic content of the piece. There could’ve been a tad more emotion in the vocals imo. The lyrics and instrumental tracks both have a forlorn and rueful quality, but the vocals didn’t have me convinced of that somehow. They have a bouncy, sing-songy vibe (especially by :34 or so) that doesn’t quite match up with the wistful tone of the rest of the piece. I thought the tempo change at :18 was clever, though, and the vocals are mixed rather well. The lyrics come through quite clearly, and are also rather digestible in terms of the diction and delivery alike. The drums at :34 could’ve been a bit louder, but overall the mix is loud, clear, and well-balanced. I like the groovy synth solo at 1:03, but the riser leading into it at :56 was a bit cheesy imo. Later, the piece gets a bit repetitive, and I especially would’ve liked to hear some variation on the lead guitar riff. The synth melodies at the end really sell this piece, though. I’m sure that the blissful mood of the piece overall was intentional, but I’m honestly still a little conflicted about it. Regardless, nice job with the production quality, melodies, sound design, and progression here, Ectisity! Keep it up. ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Zelazon Official NGADM Super Review!


Is the song constructed well or avant-garde?

The song has a great construction that follows a chord construction well. With each chord leading into each other, there is no confusion to what the listener is supposed to be listening to, and chord structure evokes an emotion that evokes a sad yet enjoyable feeling which is wonderful to listen to.

How creative are you with your melody?

The melody is creative, though with the vocals, it does tend to feel repetitive when you listen to the song consecutively. When it diverts from the main melody, you get some of the beautiful structures that is enjoyable to listen to. For the sake of this song, one of the issues that I have is the lyrics don’t venture far from the base melody and chorus; what this does not mean is that you have to change up every single word used, but I would suggest to analyze the parts beyond the chorus and to see how you can shake them up to keep the flow up with the song.

Are the drums and percussion, if used, varied?

At the parts where the drums do come in, it follows the same pattern. I don’t know if it’s helping or hurting the song, but it’s not something that caused me to be annoyed or didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the song. However, it was noticeable, so I would take that into account when designing your drum pattern.

Is there more than whole notes with the bass?

No, and for this song, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It keeps the song flow going well, but at the same time, I think it may have been helpful to have some variations of the bass going to keep that fluidness with the song going to maintain interest on the low end.

How’s the ending?

It ends. There is a minor motif used but nothing that really gives off a “the song is ending feel”. While everything considered, a lot of the nuances that might have taken away from the song did not warrant a super deduction in points, but there are some mix issues that deviate the quality from meeting its peak.

Score: 8.5


How does the waveform look?

The waveform looks very nice. I can tell initially that you set the ceiling to -1 decibels, which the clarity may be heard from a minimal volume.

Is there any peaking happening at any parts of the song?

On this part, I would say not too much leaking is going on, but I did notice that the guitar riff slightly leaks through the 1-2k range, so I would work to maybe tone it just a bit so it fits better in the mix without getting too ahead of itself.

Are there any parts that sounds muddied?

Some of the main issues I noticed on the production side is that the vocals aren’t as clear as they could be. I know personally how hard vocals can be to mix within a song, but I feel like there could have been an EQ boost in the areas to amplify the frequencies of the vocal. In this case, I’m not too confident about a compressor, but I think a maximizer might have helped to boost the sound of the vocal to give it more presence. This aspect is also an issue with the drums, which are good but feel weak in relative comparison with the rest of the song.

Are there parts that are too loud or too quiet?

The mix volume is balanced well save for the guitar riff. The drums do feel a bit weak, so more focus on the percussion could have helped a bit.

Score: 8.5

Sound Design

Has the balancing between each part allow the listener to understand the song well?

At the moment, the music sounds like it’s been mixed in mono, as I cannot differentiate between the left ear and the right ear. I think for this song, it could have made the design of the song to have some balancing happening between the left and right ears.

Are there any sounds in the background to provide variety to the song?

At this moment, there isn’t too much going on in the background to create an atmospheric sound. A lot of these issues can be attributed to the lack of orientation that the song has for the balancing of the song, and there isn’t too much presence in the song aside from that you hear from the base song.

Is there any elements that could be added to create a fluid design?

For this song, working more on automation with certain parts to have them flow within the song would help a lot with the static parts. Some suggestions could be to have the guitar pan between the left and right ear to create more movement, and to have some of the background noise pan between left and right. Lastly, I’m a fan of properly placed drums, so looking to that aspect can help some of the issues noted here.

Score: 7


What is the artist doing to keep the song interesting?

The vocals are the main thing that helps to keep the song interesting to listen to. Aside from that, there isn’t too much going on in terms of solos or anything to build excitement or energy. While for the type of song designed, I don’t think this aspect is necessarily bad, but it does suffer from issues that stymie the amount of repetitions that a listener may engage into with this song.

Is what’s being done with this song original or similar to the same genre of music? If similar, is there anything being produced that stands out?

For the selected category (jazz), it’s hard to say whether this song follows the standard jazz format or is it’s own attempt at the jazz category. The song feels more like pop music, but otherwise it still sounds good to listen to.

How enjoyable is the song?

The song is enjoyable to listen to. Nothing sounds too harsh and the vocals provide the substance the song need to really engage listeners to want to finish it. However, because of the lack of deviation with chord progression and weak drums, it can be hard to stay interested in the song for a longer duration.

Score: 8.5


Is there more than one chord progression being used?

No. There looks to be one chord progression used throughout the song. The reason why this became an issue is through continuous listens, it starts to become extremely noticeable as there is no deviation from the base chord progression. While the song is nice to listen to, it’s hard to focus on a song that doesn’t change. My suggestion would be to really analyze the chords you’re using and to see what you can use to make the song more varied.

If no chord progression are being used, what is keeping the song cohesive?


Does the artist push their boundaries or stays safe?

The artist stays safe.

Score: 7

Total Score: 39.5 x 2 = 79

duuuuuuuuuude i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

(also the riser made me laugh so much OMG LOL)

Ectisity responds:

Glad you liked it :D. The riser can be used for everything and anything

This is really catchy. I’m glad the riser came out of retirement :D

Ectisity responds:

Just had to return to my roots real quick :D

this is the catchiest thing I've ever heard wtf

+ major bonus points for the R I S E R

edit: are those whistle samples in the last solo??? whatever it is it sounds real good

Ectisity responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :D. Decided to pull out the old riser for good measure ;). That instrument in the last solo is Embertone Sensual Saxophone

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4.74 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2019
12:36 AM EDT
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