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Derpcat - Crystal Caves

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Author Comments

Thats what my pc can do sadly XD not my best but u know if you love it enjoy mostly experimenting till my cpu cant no more

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Beautiful song! The melody and instrument choice is perfect!

So relaxing :) i love this music, i listen it everyday :D

DerpCatOfficial responds:

aaaaaaa <3333 uwuwu

beautiful but it needs more high end


This is based on my own NGADM scoreboard alongside with first impression when I first clicked on your track, which is very important for your new listeners who will listen to your future tracks. For the review, I listened to your track twice to pinpoint a bit more, the scores(points) are from listening only once. Take this review as a grain of salt, please don't take this personally. I don't want to tore anyone down, I want them to become stronger. The judges have different views on your same track, so just take it as another point of view.


The intro was nice, felt I was dragging myself into your track. I really liked your bell-like synths there, that really spiced up your track. Using those epic hits was a nice choice, too, gives you kinda anthem-vibe. Although, it sounded a bit robotic there, so that was quite a shame. The worst thing that I could point out instrumentally was the guitar, it sounds too sharp and ear-piercing, which was uncomfortable for me. I was hoping for quite a smoother instrument than that (at least, less sharpen your guitar sound), And I had to lower a volume a LOT when the guitar came in. The waveform looks fine, but I think the dynamic is too vast. I liked that duck effect section, the sidechain was deeply cut, but it got really confusing when 1:47, the drums got a bit faster than your sidechain which feels off-beat. I liked the part after that.

The chord progressions were pretty solid, and I could hear the melody, but it wasn't really memorable in my opinion, and it sounded a bit generic track (especially the duck part) but you used your instruments well. Emotionally, those bells soothed me quite nicely, so that was good.



Composition 7/10
Production 6/10
Theme (How engaging is the melody?) 7/10
Emotion 7.5/10
Uniqueness 6.5/10


Total 68/100

DerpCatOfficial responds:

Tbh thats the score that it really deserves lol thanks for honest feedback ;)

I like the cute, atmospheric synths at the beginning and the blissful mood. I have mixed feelings about the glitchy guitar synth at :35 - I get what you were going for with the added intensity and drive there, but some of the glitchy elements kinda interfere with the flow of the piece after a while. There’s also a rather heavy contrast in mood with the abbreviated breakdown at 1:10 that never gets fully explored imo. The bridge at 1:18 was a bit bland, as were the drum patterns throughout the piece. I really like the atmosphere at 1:53, and I think you could’ve capitalized on the emotional quality of the piece there by incorporating more gradual transitions into this piece. Overall, there’s a lot of promise here in the mood, sound design, mixing, and rhythmic content of the piece, but the structure feels a bit thrown-together and choppy right now. The piano outro is great, but I’m not sure you have me sold on this piece as a cohesive composition yet by the end. I still think 1:18 functions like a bridge (as :35 feels a lot more climactic), which leaves the last half of the piece without a major point of arrival to hit it home. Still, nice work with the production, atmosphere, and instruments. Keep at it, DerpCatOfficial. ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

DerpCatOfficial responds:

UwU thank

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2019
11:14 AM EDT
File Info
6.6 MB
2 min 54 sec

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