T-Logic - Kid on the Bike

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I've been working on this one for a while! The post-chorus was written May 2018, and most of the other lyrics were written this fall in a rather incremental manner. I put the whole thing together in Logic Pro X in May 2019. Since I finished it a couple of weeks ago, I've been humming it to myself whenever I go biking. XD Also, the car horn sample is from FreeSound: https://freesound.org/people/THE_bizniss/sounds/58202/. Hope you enjoy!


Well, my parents are both at work.
Gotta put meals on the table.
And my sister took a day trip to the city,
borrowing the family vehicle.

But - oh! - I still gotta get out.
Scrolling through my Facebook feed is no cop-out.
It’s a good thing...

Everyone’s braking for the kid on the bike.
Take a seat and just go wherever you like.
Well, I’m just trying to avoid the state turnpike,
but everything’s comin’ up kid on the bike.

Yeah, I’ve got no training wheels on this one.
I feel close to the world, old habits undone.
They say slow and steady wins the race,
but it’s about the chance, it’s about the chase (rock!).

I’ve been cooped up, boxed in, man, I deserve this.
Ridin’ on streets that make old ladies nervous.
Curious, adventurous, reminiscent.
I’m so persistent ‘cause it’s fuel efficient.

Too many Volkswagens, Angela Merkel,
so stay on the sidewalk through the traffic circle.
Every intersection like lions at a zoo.
Check your mirrors ‘cause I might sneak by you.

That’s why...


Right. You’re uptight, son.
You should bike some.
Just take a hike (run!).
Heart pounding like a taiko drum.
Get some rhythm.
Yeah, like that will suffice.

It’s like I’m seeing this town for the first time.
Ridin’ in the left lane, people know my name.
Yeah. You could follow all those painted white lines
or you could get some kicks doing wheelies at stop signs.

Tell the state to clean up that brush on the shoulder.
My mother’s worried but I already told her
it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy.
Steep hill, the way down will appease me.

Too much time worried ‘bout the weather.
Soon as the gears click, it gets better.
All of these cars have like three empty seats.
I would’ve joined the carpool but the wind is so freeing.

That’s why…





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This is so lovely and very unique, I love it!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Awesome work!

Very original song! Love how the song constantly changes and evolves going into different places and genres everytime, those vocal fx you added at 1:02 are excellent, they definitely open up the song and from then on its a absolute joyride into uncharted territory B]

Are you the one singing? In some parts your voice reminds me a bit Damon Albarn from Blur and Gorillaz !! :D

Definitely a very creative song overall, looking forward to hearing more of your music :)

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the review, Time0ff! I am the one singing, and as much as I think I still have a lot of work to do on my vocals, I'm really glad you liked them so much. The vocal fx at 1:02 are actually because I used a different mic to record that part. XD It recorded louder, but also with slightly less clarity than the chorus, I think. Eventually, after it became clear I wouldn't have access again to the better mic, I decided to delete parts of other recordings so that the mic usage lined up with the structure of the verses. Thanks again for stopping by! ^_^

I think it's OK.
The composition wasnt the most original. The voice isn't that bad - I like it. Some parts in the chorus went off beat. Unless you stretch it to perfect rhythm you'll find it is hard to sing everything on time. Lol

The mistake I think done with singing is that you chose to sing low. Most professional male singers are baritones/tenors because the higher notes make it seem more exciting. You may not always be able to sing what you compose but keep a chorus mostly above c4-F4 (fl c5-f5 since it's not octavely correct) to keep it exciting. It was also a mistake myself included made when I started singing.

Compose what Your voice can handle definitely. Remember you have falsetto and mix voice options.

For the mixing, it sounded good. I can't really make much comments on a mix. The value however, not much was going on. But honestly not much always have to be in a song to make it good. I hope ppl realize this.
Oh but the low notes were not good. You changed the tone but you should always use the same tone becuase itll sound like a different person. Also it went flat when you ddi that. So I recommend to keep same tone

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for all the reviews, man! I definitely should've thought more about the range of my voice before composing this, haha. I agree that the composition isn't very original - it's a pop song, after all. :) I agree that the low notes don't sound all that clean. I think you're right that part of it is my lack of vocal skills and part of it is a questionable compositional choice. Thanks again for all the tips with the vocals! God knows I need them. ^^

Nice. I like how you use lyrics. That's something you don't hear enough on NG.

Very interesting song. Unique and diverse. Unusual funky rhythms. The choice of instruments is great. Very funky and pure. With the lo-fi piano and percussive instruments. I like that indie sound.

I like the refrain best about this song. Especially the last one at 3:07-3:22. Even though it's not the most unique part, it's just the catchiest and easiest to grasp. That's where all your strengths come together I think. Rhythmically your singing is best there.

Your singing isn't bad. (Especially compared to mine haha) Yet I think your singing is the thing about this song that could use most improvement. Especially your timing seems of at times. You often put either too many or too little syllables in a sentence and you don't hit the right accents, wasting a potentially groovy rhythm. At first I thought some of the more experimental parts were a little bit too experimental for my taste, but whilst hearing it again I realize it's mostly because of your singing. When the rhythm get's a bit strange your timing of singing gets a bit messy. Especially the first time you hear the post choruses from 1:54 to 2:11. If you were able to hit the accents more precisely I would be able to grasp better what's going on, and then those parts would become quite groovy. I think the percussion could also be improved to suggest the accents better by the way. It's interesting how the post chorus makes you feel the kid on the bike is stumbling about, trying hard not to fall. That makes sense in the context. Still I pick up an interesting rhythm that doesn't quite emerge. That's a waste.

The song gets better after listening a few times, so it has replay value. Which is always the case with good songs that don't sound much like anything else and are therefore hard to get your head around at first.

Also I must say the later repetitions of the refrain and post chorus are better than the when they're introduced. Is it because of practice? If so maybe re-record the first one now you've practiced more.

I don't think I've heard a lot by you. This makes me want to check out more of your work.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, SourJovis! I agree that I'm not the best vocalist, and I appreciate your insight on how to make the rhythm feel smoother and more prominent.

"the post chorus makes you feel the kid on the bike is stumbling about, trying hard not to fall" --> I didn't think about that when writing the piece, but I really like that idea! :)

I'll try to improve the timing of my vocals in the future, and get more practice with writing appropriate syllable numbers and rhythmic emphasis.

I really appreciate the positive feedback about the instrumentation, replay value, and chorus. Thanks again for the review, SJ! ^_^

Love it TL!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks DjR!

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