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The Door - Fibonacci

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This project was made in August and September of 2014. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make music as consistently as last year. I've been very busy. I hope you enjoy this weird part hip-hop, part chillstep, part (something else) track. It can also loop if you want. It was made in about 5 hours in FL Studio 11. I realized that most of my previous pieces were in C major, which is kind of stupid. This one is in B minor. The main melody is based partly on the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence (each number corresponds to a note, but I moved a few notes around so that it would work better with the chord progression). Also, "Castaway" was based on a sequence of numbers that went: 1 factorial, 2 factorial, 3 factorial, etc. I'm such a nerd! Maybe next time I'll do Pascal's Triangle. ;P Thank you for your incessant support, Newgrounders! ^^

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freakin rad dude! math is cool.

TaintedLogic responds:

Hell yeah it is! >:D Thanks Zenovance! ^^

Darn it!

LunacyEcho has already said pretty much everything I could possibly mention -_-
I think you're definitely getting better with both your melodies and your production! The rhythmic aspects of this piece far exceed my capabilities XD (Meaning I couldn't come up with as creative use of percussion and rhythm).

It's good that you're exploring new keys. It's even better to try them all out every once in a while :p

I like your use of intruments. Some of them sound almost like they'd belong in some crash game (especially the older ones).
I can really feel the bass in this piece too!

I actually like the fading out at the end; it kinda fits this piece, so good job with that ;)

There's a lot in common between math and music. It's very interesting to think in mathematical patterns while writing songs. I could show you another numberphile video about pi, but I think you might find this interesting as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4niz8TfY794&list=UUOGeU-1Fig3rrDjhm9Zs_wg

Hmphm. I guess I'll just have to try to get to your next piece before LunacyEcho shows up with a massive review :/

What I still can say though is; amazing job, and keep it up ;)

TaintedLogic responds:

Gee, thanks, LSD! :D I'm really glad you like the rhythms and melodies and production! ^^ Yeah, I guess most of the instruments could be used in a game...I mostly used Autogun, Drumpad, and 3xOsc. ;) Yeah, I was really going for that bass-y hip-hop-ish feel. I have at least 3 basses playing at once at several points in the song: the sub-bass, that synth bass from 3xOsc, and that bass organ synth. :O I'm glad you liked the fade-out ending. It was originally supposed to loop, so I needed a way to lead back into the quiet beginning. ;) Good luck in the next race vs. LunacyEcho! ;D I didn't have time to watch that whole Twelve Tone video, but what I saw of it was pretty amusing. XD Thanks a lot again, LSD! Talk to you soon! ;D

I can see that pretty much in every INDIE game lol

TaintedLogic responds:

Haha thanks Deshiel. ;D

Dammit! I was planning a math song! :D Man, this is awesome. You know how much I love gimmicks when it comes to music. It feels like you'd really love this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E36qMxXGo3A :)

As for the track itself, it's pretty awesome. It's mixed really well; all the different instruments are nice and clear. Some of the instruments sound a bit loud, especially the synth that comes in 2:08. I know it shows up in other places in the track, but it really feels a bit loud there. After you automate the volume down in the next bit, it goes back to sounding normal.

There's tons of cool rhythmic stuff going on here. I'm pretty bad at coming up with creative rhythms while I'm noodling around on the piano, since my basic rhythms are ingrained in my brain, but you always have these awesome syncopations that make your tracks really memorable. The only place where I think the rhythm might be a bit confusing is the synth that plays by itself at 1:09. When I first listened to it, I was caught a bit off guard, but once the bass and drums started coming in, it sounded much better and I'm pretty much used to it now. :P A thing I've noticed about having too much syncopation is that if you don't have any background instruments playing a steady beat, it gets disconcerting upon first listen, which is something I think tons of musicians ought to keep in mind.

Your melodies are getting much better. :) A few of your older songs have some off-key notes, but recently, your stuff has been improving a whole lot. It's cool to expand your range of musical abilities in any way possible; you seem to have B minor down to a cinch. The chord progressions of the majority of my old songs revolves around F, C, and G, and you can hear the lack of melodic quality when I tried leaving them. This one sounds great!

The overall atmosphere of the song is quite eerie. The breathy instruments, the thin pads, and those background sweeps at 1:02, 1:06, 2:40 contribute so much to the mysterious, somewhat creepy vibe of the music. Also, I'm not sure if this should be a loop; the intro and outro don't have that much connectivity. Still, I really enjoyed the song. You're improving a lot in your melodies and composition. Great work and good luck in school!

(How exactly would one express Pascal's Triangle through music? Hm...)

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, LE! :D That Pi Prog Rock track was awesome, btw (I listened to the whole thing)! XD

I'm glad you like the mixing. I worked on it a lot. There were a lot of volume automations in this one...one for almost every instrument. I see what you mean about the loud synth there, but for a lot of the piece it's one of the more interesting riffs IMO, so I decided to bring it out a bit more there.

I totally agree with you about the syncopations at 1:09. I almost wanted it to be a bit disconcerting, though...sort of adds to the haunting vibe, right? I definitely took a risk there, but I wanted it to stand out.

I'm glad you think my melodies and composition skills are improving! ^^ Creepy is what I'm going for...usually I either go for creepy or chill (or both)!

Now that you mention it, I'm not sure this should loop either. I'll fix that right away!

How to express Pascal's Triangle through music? Maybe you'll see! >:D

Thank you very much again, LunacyEcho!


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Sep 20, 2014
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