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Author Comments

Beat by TeddyGram
Lyrics by Me...

Ay yo Monica, I know you Islamic but happy Hannukah//
I hope you like this harmonica that I got for you Monica//
JUST kidding I would never harm Monica //
'Cause you my best friend- because you Monnnica! //

Do you recall that double date that we went on Monica,//
With Dominic and Veronica me and Monica! //
Monica look atchu; you lookin fine Monica //
I think I’m falling in love tonight- wit Monnnnica!!! //

Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
At the club (with Monica) //
In the bath, rub a dub, in the tub wit Monica… //
Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
Roll a blunt with Monica ‘//
I’m rubbin'Monica down n’ Hookin up, wit Monica //

I’m fuckin up, Monica’//
I used to only look, but now I wanna touch, Monica...//
Monica lookatchu, Monica lookin scanda'lous //
Look around this room Monica, tell me who could handle us?//

'Cause you the only one I love_Monica ‘//
The only pair of lips mine ever wanna touch_ Monica //
I shoulda known it all along, Monica //
That I belong, right here_ in yo arms Monica //

Go to eat with Monica, //
Imma sleep with Monica //
Imma freak with Monica //
Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
…because yo skin so soft Monica //
…I’m bouta be_rippin them_clothes_off Monica //

I see Monica cryin-
I look into Monica’s weeping eyes & tell Monica listen Monica it’s gonna be alright //
It’s almost like I can actually feel Monica pain’ //
I kiss her forehead and wipe the tears off Monica face//

There’s not a problem’ we can’t solve_ Monica //
And if I ever gotta talk, Imma calllll Monica //
I gotta letchu know what’s up, Monica //
I like my homies, but not like I love Monica//

Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
On the grind with Monica //
Imma ride with Monica //
Til I die with Monica //
Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
On tha creep with Monica //
‘I never cheat on Monica’ //
You complete me Monica //

And if you ever in a bind Monica’ //
I got yo back, and know thatchu got mine Monica //
Monica look at me n' trust_ Monica //
It’s you and me and nothin’ comin between us, Monica//

(I’m practicin) On bended knee for Monica' //
Jewelry sto's lookin for the right ring for Monica //
…a bit scared headin' back to where Monica stay //
'Cause when I get there I’m askin Monica marry me!//

Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
I would lie_ for Monica //
In the bed lookin right into the eyes of Monica //
Monicaaaaaaaaaa… //
Spend the night with Monica //
Spend the rest of the days of my life with Monica//

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I had a girlfriend name Monica @_@ I HATE THAT B****

But this song sprung laughter in me :D

Such an odd approach for an R&B styled... something.

But it legit sounds like you're saying, "You're the only one I love, my nigga.""

Clear as day. LOL!!

Not even sure how I feel about it.... 3.5!

Teqneek responds:

Trust me, I made sure I said Monica every time.

It's uncanny how much this sounds like Viper the Rapper. The difference being that this is actually decent as far as that style is concerned (probably because unlike him, you aren't stretching yourself thin by putting out an entire album EVERY DAY.) Maybe you should start making vaporwave from now on, because you really do have the voice for it.

I think the biggest problem with the song is its length. Since the song is really just there to carry one joke, having the joke last almost four minutes gets old (two minutes would have been more appropriate, and comedic rappers like Pink Guy realize this all too well.) Moreover, since your greatest strength (multis) gets shoved under the rug for the sake of carrying one rhyme scheme all the way through, the joke only gets old that much faster because there isn't any substance or even a reprieve from the central theme.

Teqneek responds:

I was originally going to keep this to 2.5 minutes in length, but it stopped the "story" dead in its tracks.

Really though, how many popular 4 minute songs are there where people just repeat the same "I got money", "I got bitches" lines over and over? Plenty. At least this one has a premise, humor, and cleverness added added.

The final 2 verses are the bread and butter of this song, and in order to get to those, it needed the set up.

Anyway, this shit is at least 5x better than you two reviewers have given it credit for.

Teddy Graham's beat is elegant and bumping. 5/5 stars for Teddy's superb beat.

Teqneek...I apologize in advance for this, but...
This is just low and petty. From the repetitive and simple lyrics to the squeaky singing, this just felt cheap. The "wordplay" on Monica, (which you delivered with a softer "g" sound instead of the phonetic "cK" sound), wow, smh, grow up. At first I thought this was a real yet corny as fuck love song, but once I stopped reading those rap-a-dappy lyrics, and started listening...I realized, this is just an excuse. Congrats on the genius wordplay, buddy! Way to beat it like a dead horse.

+The mixing sounds good. I just listened through laptop speakers tho.
+basic song structure sounds aight, verses transition into hooks well.

Teqneek responds:

Not once did I pronounce Monica with a G. That is dumb and your laptop speakers are playing with your absolutely humorless mind.

I'd go on but it's not worth the effort. You're a pro troll and I must resist. Ughhh

Credits & Info


3.42 / 5.00

May 22, 2019
9:58 PM EDT
File Info
7.3 MB
4 min 5 sec

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