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Author Comments

HD download: https://midnightsocean.bandcamp.com/track/thundercats

Hadn't updated my plugins since 2004, so I gave a test drive to a few new ones to see what flavor/work flow modern plugins offer. The ones I tried were by Waves and I ended up making some cheap techno for fun.

Made with Waves J37 Tape, Waves Element synth 2.0, my gong, logic pro and just a touch of Waves Flow Motion synth.

Only ended up buying the J37 https://www.waves.com/plugins/j37-tape#butch-vig-billy-bush-j37 not because the synths weren't awesome but because the J37 will serve my remastering needs and I'm short on cash. Also sequencers being on by default, takes incentive away from my creative input.

Real quick if you are interested in these plugins: The synths are awesome but they do NOT accept global tuning parameters. That sucks in my book but other than that I really have few complaints.

Flow Motion is a yummy FM synth. Element is like they took everything about the 90s I loved and put it into a plugin lol. I'd bring it to bed with me if I could. The J37 Tape is AMAZING. For years I've been wishing I had a plugin that could do that magic thing the old reel to reel back in the studio could and this gets the job done quite well. I've cut my final chain plugin count down by half thanks to the J37's ability to make every thing sound better.

Feedback welcome though the thing I'm really curious about is, do people think this is more trance or techno? lol @.@;


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I like the amount of diversity in this one. Not predictable, at all!

Midnights-Ocean responds:


Nice work!!

I think this is definitely leaning more towards trance but I does have plenty of elements from techno, so I would classify this a Tech-Trance ;)

That build starting at 2:34 sounds a bit psytrancey tho :O Lol you got a lot of very cool ideas going on in this track :)

Your drops need MOAR BASS BRO!!! You could try amping up the low freqs of that bass line arpeggio you got going on to give this more punch, also try adding a sub, a low freq sine wave would do just fine ;)

Overall this track has tons of potential, you should definitely keep it up! If you need some help mixing and mastering this one feel free to drop me a DM ;)


Midnights-Ocean responds:

Hey thanks bro!

I had a feeling this was treading on techy kinda trance territory. hehe I never pay attention to the genres when I'm creating, I just do what ever tickles my fancy.

I don't think I even have a bass instrument playing during the main line lol. It's easily enough added though. I'm just not sure what I want to do about it. I could add something new or as you said boost the arp lead's low end. Probably I would send just 220Hz and below to a bus where I can add a bunch of saturation to get it more beefy without robbing power from my kick.

Ooh! Or I could slap a multi-pressor on the lead with just the bass band active, so the bass is more evenly loud. I don't know, always want more bass but I kinda like how much more I appreciate it when it kicks in when it's not running constantly. I'm also not one who's bothered with side chains much, so I'm always thinking about dynamic headroom and mud problems too.

Ironically the music of my childhood, that inspired me to be a tech head, wasn't all that bassy: https://youtu.be/Co_kzXHZkio?t=2145 but my GAWD does it get my blood pumping!

Maybe someday I'll grab that dynamic EQ plugin from Waves and do that little kick ducking trick. Logic has a plugin that can do that but it ducks the volume for the entire spectrum. I just want the kick band ducking the kick. :P

I will keep that in mind! If you like it enough that you'd enjoy messing around with it, I wouldn't complain X3.

Credits & Info

4.66 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2019
1:40 AM EDT
File Info
7.2 MB
4 min 49 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.