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A Naïve Admirer


Author Comments

A guy had a crush on a this girl for quite a long time, and he finally acquired enough courage to ask her to dance. He felt stoked at first, but once they began dancing, he started questioning whether his feelings for her were mutual. Listen to the song to find out what happens next :'D

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This is an Official NGADM '18 Round 1 Review:

Beginning Comments: It's a cute little piece that fits both the description and the style I would expect from you. It showcases your cinematic strengths and does a good job of putting the composition and structure first.

Production and Mixing: It didn't feel perfect but it was overall pretty good. It's about the balance I would expect for a piece like this, but I get the feeling that whatever had the lead was almost being overpowered by the background instruments. Other than maybe having slightly less low end in certain spots like at the 1:05 area, I never really was distracted by the mix.

Composition and Structure: Obviously where this song shines. The story is well illustrated from your description to the point where I could almost picture the images. Quick aside: one of the coolest parts is 1:38-1:46. There's a lot of details going on, like the shameless use of the triangle everywhere, how the brass have a quick interjection at 3:10, all of the layers that combine within each part whether they're bass or 2-3 beat staccatos, there's a lot to pick apart and digest. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.

Sound Design: I'm really enjoying what you've used for each voice / instrument, and you really embellish that violin solo VST without shame, and it works well. However, everything you use sounds wonderful. I never was never detracted by anything sounding out of place or fake. The only, only, complaint I could make is that the piano sounds a little too muffled.

Ending Comments: Out of everyone I hear at Newgrounds or through previous relationships, you've consistently been the strongest waltz composer, and this is no exception.


Total - 8.25
Production - 1.25
Sound Design - 1.5
Composition - 2
Structure - 2
Replay - 1.5

I don't know why but this could totally be in a Pokémon Game, so peaceful and rhytmic aswell. Really great!

There's a reason why I favorited this, and now I feel bad for not leaving a review here earlier lol. But, now that I'm doing the random reviews for NGADM peeps, I will do a review on this. And I must say, I still enjoy this even now. I can hear every intention, when the boy starts dancing at the very beginning, him questioning himself at 1:07, and it all fits perfectly. I enjoy the story, how it's simple but easy to follow, and how the music pumps in the right feelings at the right time.

With that said, it's hard to find things wrong with this, but if there's one thing I will say, it's that the ending feels slightly weird. It was a little awkward to end on the big build at 3:21 (then again, it could just be the acceptance of the girl loving him or whatever the ending suggests), but it feels more awkward going further and ending on the piano end right after. They almost feel like they're trying to make both people who like big endings and people who like simple endings happy. It doesn't fit, though.

Overall, it's really good, though. This has a big chance in NGADM. Real good job and good luck to you :D

Ah! Can't believe I forgot to review the final product. I like the blissful melodic and the swells in energy that occur on a call-and-response basis. The waltz-like vibe of the piece is really nice. The transition at :41 is a tad sudden, but I've warmed up to the note lengths on the dramatic strikes at around the 1-minute mark. The mix is quite clean, if a bit quiet. The orchestral samples in the piece are quite good. I especially like the violin at around 1:40 (and other places, of course, but that section stands out because the violin is so exposed). The modulation at 2:05 was also really well-done, given the trill before it. The subito piano at 2:22 sounds really cool, too. I think your idea of what the song is about fits the character of the piece perfectly. Beautiful work, BO! Good luck in the ADM. ^_^

I really do love the liveliness in this track, from the sudden changes in mood to the articulate dynamics from the instruments. A regular person probably would never think they were vsts. I think the cymbal crashes could have been a little more present in the mix, but that's just me. Great song!

Credits & Info


4.78 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2018
7:23 PM EDT
File Info
8.2 MB
3 min 34 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.