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Looking at this artwork brings back some great memories from playing my favorite RPGs, especially Final Fantasy IX. I tried to capture that feeling I had when I entered a new village/world and started exploring. I hope you enjoy it!

Update July 15th: This song placed second in AIM and surpassed one thousand views. Thanks for the support :)

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I LOVE THIS! It sounds so happy and it reminds me of all the fun fantasy rpg's I've played, especially Moonlighter right now. Your rhythms and overall instrumentation are so incredible and it makes me so happy. Congratulations on second, you legend.

Everratic responds:

I'm really glad the song had that effect :D

Thank you for the review!

I like the dainty feel with the piccolo/flutes at the beginning, however they are a little piercing by themselves. I can hear your distinct waltz feel, and this time it has a nice Zelda Windwaker / Treasure Planet feel so you're really pouring on in the nostalgia for me. Based on the description and the art you have you've definitely nailed the theme.

The production quality is really good. The only thing that keeps me away from being immersed completely I think is the french horn/brass when they first come in at like 0:43. I like their presence but they sound too powerful for what they're doing. Not saying their too loud, but they sound like they're trying too hard type of thing. Maybe the glockenspiel sounds a little too close and the choir sounds a little too far away, but now I'm just being nitpicky.

In terms of composition and song structure, high praise with nailing the nostalgia part. The only issue I have is that I would have liked more variation with the melody motif. After listening to it on repeat I think it's a bit too repetitive. The chord structure is vary hopeful and uplifting during the whole piece, and it definitely helped with that adventure is just beginning feel. I like all of the trills on the piccolo and the drums are a nice compliment to what you have going on while also really driving the direction of the atmosphere.

Nice and happy piece. Again, it gave off that Windwaker feel and I bathed in its nostalgia. I'm going to have to bring up Windwaker Title music again. Good work

Everratic responds:

I'm glad to hear the song poured on the nostalgia for you! That was one of my goals :D

I deliberately made the horns sound powerful enough to just barely dominate the mix. I know it looks bad when someone responds to criticism by saying the matter of the criticism was deliberate, but I sincerely stand by my decision. I think the climax wouldn't sound nearly as pleasing as it does without that feature. But I'm glad the production sounds good to your ears otherwise.

I agree that I could have added more variation to the main melody. I thought changing the articulations and instrumentation a lot would be sufficient, but indeed, once you become accustomed to it, it does feel a bit repetitive regardless.

Thank you for the review!

-- Official AIM review --

Really loving that main theme. You really captured the feeling of a medieval port city very well. The flute has a very nice sound, though I think it could use some more velocity variation to make it sound realistic. Other than that, you did a really good job in making the orchestra sound realistic. Especially like how you slightly altered the timing of the brass section.

The mixing is well done, but the drum that comes in at 0:31 is a bit too loud and bassy. It takes up a lot of space in the mix and ends up slightly overpowering the other instruments

Overall it's a very nice piece that goes perfectly well with the artwork, and even though the leveling could be altered slightly I still think it deserves a high score.

Everratic responds:

I'm glad to hear you think I captured the feeling of a medieval port city well! That was pretty difficult.

Indeed, the piccolo (flute) could sound much better. I actually had a better VST, but I used the inferior one because I paid a lot of money for it whereas the better one is from kontakt factory library. In hindsight I realize how illogical that is :P

Your comment on the mix is very helpful. I personally don't have a problem with the drums sounding too bassy, however, it's a reminder that I should take into consideration the biases of my headphones while mixing. For example, if the bass sounds strong on my headphones, I should consider that it might sound too strong for someone using headphones with boosted bass. Also, I think I could have turned down the bass decay on the reverb a bit more just to be on the safe side.

Thank you so much for the review and for being a judge.

I like the uplifting Celtic-sounding tune at the beginning and the bass drum at around :20. The percussion throughout are quite good, in fact, and they're mixed really well too. The melodies get a tad repetitive, but I really liked the thicker pads you added at 1:30. Super cute piece, and it fits the bright, well-defined art really well. Strong work here, Everratic! ^_^

Everratic responds:

I'm glad you think the percussion is mixed well because that was very difficult! It's nice that people think it fits the art work well :D

As for the repetition, I do agree with you, but I guess I don't see it as being that bad since there's a healthy amount of variation in other areas. That's a fair point though.

Thanks for the review!

This sounds amazing! Good luck in the competition :D

Everratic responds:

Thank you!

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May 18, 2019
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