Love and Adventure (Orchestral)


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(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Newgrounds audio player is not as efficient as the previous flash version, so it may take a moment for this song to load. It's really beyond my control.)

Composed this for a trailer -- Shimmer.

The composition and arrangement was quite an experience. As always, please let me know what images come to your mind and I would love to hear from you!

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Wow nice. 0:46 Love the trumpet melody. Added to favorites. Man I keep looping this. Dude. You have to EXTEND THIS SONG! This is only the beginning, it a good 2-3 more minutes to it!!!!!! You have my support on this!

"I see mountains, sunny day, and adventure. Very heroic"

Personally I imagine a snow capped mountain set behind two rows of cherry blossom trees stretching away down the sides of a path, blowing their flowers in the wind as some kind of man returns humbly after some kind of perilous endeavor to find his love waiting for him. (My image may be a bit biased as I just finished watching The Last: Naruto)

I enjoyed the subtle strings/piano that suddenly rose up with the introduction of the percussion and the triumphant brass, it all came together beautifully. It felt very much like either the start, or the end of some kind of great story.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! Very good image.

This is beautiful and intense! Your compositions never fail to make me shiver.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! I know I can always count on your encouraging feedback!

Loved this man, it has excellent tone and dynamics! The only part I wasn't in love with was at about 1:01 where the compression kicks in a little too hard. Other than that, I love this! Gonna be checking out more of your work.

Bosa responds:

Yes, I tried to edit that little part so you wouldn't hear the compression, but the horns were being played pretty forcefully right there. Thank you for checking out my work!

Beautiful composition, Bosa! Thanks for sharing this on Newgrounds. If it weren't for a trailer, I would definitely be complaining about the length, but who wouldn't want to hear more? It's so full of emotion and mystery.

What this brings to my mind is a little boy, staring outside at the rain pouring down from the sky, sighing with his head in his hands because he wants to go outside and play. But then someone, maybe his dad, tells him about the power of imagination, and how it can transport you to distant lands without actually going anywhere.

And so, the little boy, eyes filled with new hope, embarks upon an epic journey within his mind's eye. He reads books and plays with his toys, but instead of the usual walls and floors, his home is transformed into distant shores, far away galaxies, and places so fascinating and bizarre that they could only come from his own imagination.

The only part that's hard to connect to this narrative is the deep, rather ominous-sounding bass at the end of the track. Although, now that I think on it and listen again, perhaps the father returns to tell his son that the rain has stopped and he can go outside. But when he opens the door to his son's room, he sees the boy playing happily, with a smile on his face. And so, without saying a word, a gentle smile of his own smoothing the careworn lines of his face, he closes the door and leaves the boy to his adventures. Fade to black.

Bosa responds:

Another great story to go along with the music. Yeah, I could've continued further and expanded my ideas a little more, but a good length for a trailer is around 1:30; however there is more music coming in the future. Thank you for always encouraging my work!

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