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endK - Automaton Squad


Author Comments



Genre: ... video game? ...


Tried to make this one as fast as I can, since I'm doin' some music for an upcoming game.
However this one did took a while!

I chose Butzbo's 'Automaton Quest' work as an inspiration.
I made it kinda symbolic, last year I made Bouncing Squad (also Butzbo's art), and now it evolved into Automaton Squad.

Maybe I should make a whole series of Butzbo's squads, so I could release an mega album by the time I'm 40?

Anyways, really hope I'll be able to make another song for AIM this year, since there's gonna be cacaophony finals + some loopy work on an upcoming game project.

Anyways go follow Butzbo if you haven't already, he's the real master of the craft and huge inspiration : https://butzbo.newgrounds.com/

Made in FL Studio 12

Stuff used :

Hybrid 3
Drum samples
Bunch of FX

Hope you enjoy this one. ^_-

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Well, I came late to this party, but my god, this is one dope ass tune. Love the portamento pitch-work and the filter FX are fire! Great production too.

Nice sound here

Now this was some really nifty "SOUND" and it was something different, you bring some nice element to the table, this piece almost seems like if you had some vocals on it it would be just right, but with all that said I found this piece to be a delight and really good quality about it.

this piece almost seems like if you had some vocals on it it would be just right


endKmusic responds:

Honestly, I don't see the space for one more instrument in this song, and you mention the vocals. >.<

Would've been way too chaotic and over the top, since the piece is totally based and centered on melodies and harmony around them, including huge amount of synths that take over the whole frequency spectrum.

That's the way I see it.

Official AIM2018 Review!

This is my second time attempting to write this -- got nuked by Windows update -- but man, this track really is a journey!

First thing I want to get out of the way, I'm not hearing the pacing issues TL is evidently hearing. On the contrary, I hear solid writing for the most part, variation of themes, great modulation on your leads, and flowing melody. However, I also hear is a little rockiness in the mix.

Particularly, that opening saw lead is pretty flat, even for a nostalgic 90's house/techno sound. The naked saw sections throughout are my least favorite part of the piece.

The bass also seems panned slightly to the left. This may be a compression issue if other elements of the track are panned to the right. Bass could also use a bit more presence.

The track overall is a bit sibilant, hi-hats being a particular offender. They seem to sit just on top of the track, and I can't tell if there's too much reverb or they were processed before being mixed in.

I would also probably ditch those ride samples in favor of a swooshy reversed cymbal or something in that vein -- or at least had some subtler samples for repeat hits. However, your FX are otherwise handled well, and this could just be my personal dislike of canned rides. You may have had a little more luck chopping and sampling jazz drum breaks. Definitely could have used a true crash every now and then.

2:23 was a bit naked for my tastes. Break was a bit jarring from the usual solid presentation.

I will say I would have liked to hear harmonies in the lead synth parsed out to a different instrument. That synth is so in your face, two notes at the same time, in the same octave, is just a little hot. A softer lead panned a bit alongside that would have been super. You flirted with the idea earlier in the piece with what sounded like a parallel motion (+7 semitone) double track at 1:17, which worked pretty nicely with that organ-y pike on one hand and a fantasia-esque sound on the left. Organ was about .5 dB too loud for my taste, but it worked.

That about rounds up my critique. The track almost has too many melodic elements for me to analyze effectively, especially since my previous thoughts have gone poof, so let me just stop and say that I am super impressed with your presentation this year. You've come a really long way since I first heard you in NGADM, learned a lot, and really brought the whoop-ass. Keep up the good work!

endKmusic responds:

Damn those updates! >: (
Had almost identical experience few months ago.
Anyways, totally get what you're sayin' with leads, should've fattened them up for sure, defintely would sound more 'juicy'.
I also think that I could've controlled reverb / delay much better as I'm listening to it once more.
Don't think there's panning issues on bass, since everything underneath 200hz is mono and centered up.
Maybe I should've raised a volume a bit higher, don't know what was the thought process at the time I was producing it, but I certainly did want to justify all the frequencies throughout the song.
2:23 (feel like you're reading my mind all the time, LOL) was kinda rushed I admit that, but wasn't that bad so I decided to go with it. Didn't want to implement more (new) transitions, since the song is already all over the place at that point. Just wanted to go back main part once again.
To sum up, I totally agree with almost everything you said and thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for the compliments too. :)
Gladly takin' these advices for the upcoming stuff.

Watching the Butzbo loop while playing this... it sure gives a whole new impression. :D Should've had this open when I reviewed the art earlier too... it adds a lot. A sense of adventure. A positive excitement and sense of exploration! In itself the music feels a bit odd and jumpy - not energetic in a way that it's easy to just get into as is, but it definitely fits the cartoon style. I like the upbeat rhythm and refreshing sounds, jumpy as it is. Definitely a pretty unique piece! Real VG music too.


endKmusic responds:

Thanks a lot for the review CD!
Glad you dig it. :)

W00t!! looking back of these robot characters with the most upbeat moments it made me think of dynamic action sequences as they traverse through forgotten space stations!
My fav part is the break around 1:28, I get some kind of japanese vibe from it which works great with the theme of robots, and then I like how it gets back to the more serious central theme.
Glad to see it worked as inspiration! :)

endKmusic responds:

It was pretty much the melody of the [epic] part after the main melody, but in different context. Worked out nicely I guess.
Thanks for the review, really glad you dig it. :]

Credits & Info


4.11 / 5.00

May 6, 2018
5:22 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
6.8 MB
3 min 0 sec

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