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hi, i came to review one of your tracks, since you did the same with one of my songs.

first of all, im not a bit fan of the drums you used.

the bass and the melody are kinda cool, but toooooo much repetitive, even for house music, in my opinion.

lastly, every part in the song has the same volume, so i dont know if you made that intentionally or if it is just a Mastering problem; thats the first thing i thought, looking at the shape of the sound.

Sequenced responds:

Repetitive for house music is kind of the point. It's club music. The average house track is around 6-8 minutes long. 2 of those minutes are for DJs to mix in other songs.

House music does not need to be constantly changing. You pick one theme, and then stick with it. You do not need crazy buildups or fancy drops(unless youre making big room house). I got an even a longer house track thats even more 'repetive' than this one.

If you think this is repetitive... I recommend listening to progressive house on youtube. Look up Adriatique, GuyJ , or Cid Inc.

I do agree with you that the volume is stagnate in this track. It's not the one of my best mixed songs forsure.

This sounds very novel to me, especially due to the strong emphasis on percussive rhythms as opposed to melodies. The rhythms are incredibly catch. Despite the lack of melodies, the track never gets old because new elements continually emerge and fade out, and there is sufficient variation in its intensity. I know little about this style of music, but it's really cool.

Sequenced responds:

Thx my guy

I cant use this in a GD level because of "You may not use this work for any purposes."
great song btw

Sequenced responds:

Sorry man, maybe ill create something specifically for GD next time!

I'd Rap to this tbh.

Very enjoyable work, man. I am now pumped.

Sequenced responds:

ty sir!

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May 5, 2018
10:52 PM EDT
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