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At first, this started out as an odd copy of Attack Attack!'s song Stick Stickly, and then it quickly became something entirely different. I don't know guys, I kinda like that odd post-hardcore sound :P

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One skill that you are getting from trying something like this is learning how to emulate details within established styles. You kind of emulated palm muting of a guitarist in the intro, you picked up on guitarists volume gating their sound with the drummer hitting kicks in sync with it, you picked up on some metal style percussion rhythms pretty well too which can be a bit difficult to draw in. You also used a transitional element well at 1:53 and cutting out the percussion to signal another phrase. That lead at 1:55 is probably my favorite part of the song. I think that you also did a good job picking electronic instruments to work with the piece.

I think the guitar is also a bit too overbearing, one easy trick to letting the percussion shine through is to just throw a compressor on your master with the threshold set to the peak volume of the guitar (or all instrumentals) and then adjust the ratio where it feels right. Also, most piano synths are velocity reactive, so you can get some expressiveness in the piano by playing the velocity of the notes, it's definitely worth experimenting with.

If you like metal and electronic, Drivepilot is a good source of inspiration, but if you're going to do more stuff like this you really need to use a real guitar (or reach out to some guitarists on NG! We are a community, use us). I'm curious to see how JDawg interprets your song.

Razorrekker responds:

Glad you picked up on the crabcore-y-ness :D
Yeah. The rhythm guitar in this is too loud for the other sounds in the chorus, and I plan to fix this song sooner than later, because I don't really want this song to live like this. My 'real guitar' budget, skills, and budget to gain said skills are at almost literally 0, unfortunately. So, I'm making the absolute best out of what I have. Thank you for the review! Very helpful!

Whoa, that sounds pretty awesome! I almost wanna do a cover of it with some real guitar if you don't mind? It almost reminds me of some super dark synthwave, that's kinda the direction some of the artists are going too

Razorrekker responds:

That would be really cool, if you'd like to try that!
If you manage to do it, I'd love to hear it!

It doesn't seem like you really get/understand music, I'd be surprised if you can play any instruments, it seems like you just found a music program and pressed buttons until you thought it sounded good. This lacks intelligence and skill, also how the fuck is this metal? this is just dubstep with the slightest bit of fuzz.

Razorrekker responds:

Oof, alright.
I will be honest, I make all of my stuff within a music program- that I've been using for around four years now. This is by far not the best example of my skill, I'm gonna be honest here too: this one isn't great. I'm not quite sure how this... lacks intelligence, but okay. Don't really know how to respond to that. Dubstep with the slightest bit of fuzz... The leads in the chorus are electronic sounds, but the guitar-like sound isn't any sort of wub or anything else. It really is a distorted guitar sound, and the drums are not exclusively dubstep-esque.

The instruments are really harmonious!

Razorrekker responds:

Thank you!

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Apr 6, 2018
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Heavy Metal
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