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Finaly bought shreddage 2 and this is my first official track made with it. There are so many possibilities to go and I love this genre

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Sweet track dude! The shred game has been turned up to 150%

DESHIEL responds:

and thanks to some sweet tips from ADR3-N I'll be able to crank it up to 200% :D

Former Shreddage II user -- at least while it worked on my PC lol. You seem to have gotten the gist of writing with it, but the velocities are machine-gunning on virtually every note. Mix also sounds really narrow and centered, excepting the lead. I also can't tell if you've got the rhythm guitar double tracked and panned 100% L and R respectively.

You may be interested in a particular all in one guitar FX pedal to take care of all your metal guitar needs: Grind Machine by Audio Assault. It's especially for djent but works well for other genres. Complete with distortion pedal, pre-amp, and cab. Gives a lot more edge than the native Kontakt FX.

Also, your guitar tracks seem really, really quiet in this mix; whereas I felt you were writing them for face-melting, slammin' shreddage. Pun intended. If they're not double tracked, double track them. Hashtag willitdjent?

Be sure and check out any humanization features, chord thresh, etc. in that fancy part of the instrument with all the settings. They do make the difference.

Also, pitch bends and modulation are your friend. It's the difference between dry piano-y guitar and... well, realism. I also recommend listening to, Iunno, maybe some Misha Mansoor and doing a little theory to help break into the instrument. It's a helluva thang, and a helluva lot easier to use than what I currently have, RealEight, but it's also keyed sort of weirdly, and the velocity controls are different from any other instrument I've ever used. You'll find it pretty well suited to chugging power chords and doing all those wacky pitch bends and pinches though.

Oh, and those drums -- also velocity machine-gunning. May just be the samples though.

Suggest humanizing everything a bit if you haven't already. Hits triggering all at the same time with any metal instrumentation can get a little grating. No stars subtracted as that may be a genre-specific choice.

I'm not sure what to say about the arrangement, as it's one of your first with the instrumentation, and I realize they're pretty hard to use. Basically a piece I'd love to see you revisit down the road when you've got a good handle on what you're working with.

Nice work. :)

DESHIEL responds:

Wow thanks so much for this. Your sense is spot on on the mix, While I did some mastering tweaks to the volume and the frequencies of individual channels, I did leave everything centered by default. I might take some look on the aditional gear you proposed, but I'm a slow learner. I do not know what double tracking means tho, shreddage 2 itself is so confusing for now. I almost deleted the whole thing when I somehow activated keyswap and my brutalised guitars were gone. I can only imagine that it has to do something with overlaying two patters at once to give it more presence or something? As for now I do not aim to atain some level of realism for the guitar, because as of now my dream state seems to be more electronic than real.
Pitch and modulation? I mess with it from time to time, but its not something I'm fully fluent in doing yet.
I guess I will have to ask my friend about certain terms and meaning of some of your criticism, but thanks for spedning your time on aiding me. ;)

I really like the bounce on this one. And Shreddage 2 sounds amazing. Good biz, Whiz!

DESHIEL responds:

definitely a step up from FL slayer :D

Yeah, good! bit too short, want more of this rock.

DESHIEL responds:

Next one might be longer :D

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