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-What Should I Finish- V.3


Author Comments

This time, you can help me decide which song I should finish on the future! The following tracks are from 2017-2018.

Track List:

[0:00] Renowned (70% done) - Heavy Breaks and Techno.

[2:17] Bright Moves (40% done) - Techno and Dance Sequences everywhere.

[3:41] Cobalt Fire (30% done) - Some type of Fm and Chiptunes, some violins here and there.

[4:40] Underwater (30% done) - A happy track. With TONS of mixing work.

[6:34] Pixel Heart (50% done) - One of my favorites, Chipstep and Fm stuff. Happy beats everywhere! 16 bit of love. <3 https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/798108

A small review of each will help a lot guys, really!

I will leave this on Newgrounds forever hehe.

And Im also working on a few collabs... (with @sigma16 and @DJRadiocutter) and on the OST of Ervo's Adventure!

Only a true fan will listen to all of them :(

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The bass melody reminds me of space pirates for obvious reasons. Imo, that snare, just a really, punchy, but noisy snare, is used too much. for this track, it feels like it needs a more hardcore snare, like some of the ones in the Vengeance Essentials packs. The leads, and plucks introduced later on are really good, but could use some more EQing. good song tho ;)

Bright Moves:

Really nice bassline, and sound. (made in serum?) i feel like this could be used in a sci-fi movie, when a group of people just got either crashed and woken up on an alien planet with advanced technology, or got transported directly into a digital universe. ? Use a low pass or high cut on the kicks, and fade them in gradually through the next 16 or 8 bars. Make the area with the snares last another 4 or 8 bars, and yet again, change the snare to a more punchy, but less noisy one.This is def. my fav techno song. High cut or low pass the noise used in the build, and make that fade in the same way as the kicks, and try to fit in a vocal hook. (suspense, before the drop) very cool 303 drop. add more acid sounding stuff, as in bass, and a higher lead, and you got a great track.

Cobalt Fire:

"Waterflame - Sunwalker" remake? "Waterflame - Slam-dunk League" Remake? Really nice intro, but it sounds a bit too much like a mix of those two tracks. try high passing the sweep FX and stuff, and making the high pass go down until it's just a tiny bit of low cut. Really catchy, punchy, and powerful baseline. Make the leads, a bit more EQ'd. Suggestion: in the future, when he doesn't have so much going on, see if you could do a small collaboration with WF. It really seems like it's in order, plus you could learn quite a bit from him, and his workflow.


I really enjoy the water sound, but the impact sound hits too hard, when everything else is too quiet. the bass used at the very start seems to randomise in pitch at the very end of each note, and for this style, it seems too distorted. i like the violins you put in, but for a song called underwater, they seem too, standout-ish, if you know what i mean. I know it's a lead, but try to bury it in the mix a bit more.

Pixel heart:

Undertale reference? Really cool arp, but i feel like i heard it somewhere before... nice variation right before the break with the kick, and good vocal effect. i think i heard the lead arp thing in the background wit the reverb before in one of WF's songs, like sky fortress or something :\ I really like the breakbeat/drop you have here, but try bitcrushing the drums with fruity squeeze to make it sound more 8/16 bit. this time, the snare would fit if you bitcrushed it. at the part after the break/drop, it seems like it should be a breakdown, not a build, with some chill 8bit pads and stuff. in the first part of the drop, make the drums two times as fast bit take out the hats, and then add the hats in the second half to give it progression that doesn't take away from the hard hittingness of the drop.

Here's my list of ones you should finish:

1) Bright Moves
2) Pixel Heart
3) Renowned
4) Cobalt Fire
5) Underwater

Hope you take my review into consideration, and best of luck on these five songs,


Renowned. Its awesome. Sorry but I do not like underwater. Cobalt fire is also good. GG!!!!

PredatorMusic responds:


Renowned is coming out with my new album! (its album exclusive)

Cobalt fire, all the way!

PredatorMusic responds:

I’ll work on it! Thanks.

Love all of them but Bright Moves sounds amazing and stands out more than the rest.
Here is my list of the one's to finish that are my own opinion:
1) Bright Moves
2) Renowned
3) Pixel Heart
4) Cobalt Fire
5) Underwater

They all kind of remind me of Waterflame's work becuase they are all so crazy and fantastic and they sound exactly like something Waterflame would produce.

PredatorMusic responds:

Thanks! Pretty much Waterflame is my inspiration hehe

Lol the first 3 you said are my favs too. Bright Moves is coming out later today, maybe tomorrow :)

I really like them all, but Cobalt Fire stands out for me! Good stuff all around, just finish them all! =}

PredatorMusic responds:

Thanks haha, I will probably :D

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4.60 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2018
8:01 AM EDT
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