Deltakai - Redeemed

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A very guitar-heavy track, this is the only other piece I've done in 3 | 4 time (the other one being Turn the Tide or Treasure Island, I can't really remember).

Despite being rather unfamiliar with writing for 3 | 4, I think managed a pretty alright result with this epic, acoustic-orchestral hybrid piece. I did eventually stagnate for ideas and tried to finish it off quickly so I could begin another project - this time in the more familiar 4 | 4 time.

FL Studio 11
EWQL Orchestra
IL Harmor
Guitar Rig 5

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Beautiful piece right here. I downloaded it right after I played it because I love the guitar strums and just the overall mood. I can get where people are coming from, it sounds like either a western or a desert theme.

To me, though, I play it in the car after work because it's soothing to hear. Nice work! Hope to hear more from you. :)

I rather enjoy the fact that this sounds like an epic-style cinematic piece, but with guitars and a western vibe instead of the orchestral strings and/or pianos I usually find in cinematic pieces. Your instruments are well mixed, and while I feel the main guitar/s sounds could be slightly less sharp at times, this is a well-mastered piece that creates a nice atmosphere all on it's own.

Very good. I think you managed very good every sound and every melody. It's hard to combine so many sounds and make them sound clear (at least for me it is on FL Studio), congratulations.

truly epic.

It sets its tone very early on and follows it loyally like sidekick to hero. i can hear the slight panning and it is very clever way setting your instruments, mostly because it creates a very realistic feel. Its as if there were actual people preforming in studio. I kinda broke that illusion now, when i said it out loud :(

Overall i cant say anything bad about this. Only the good stuff :)


It makes me think of a desert level, so it is kinda chill but there's still some action, a bit epic and a bit like heroes are getting tired too.

in that spirit I didn't like some happier little parts like 1:17

Still very awesome!!

Deltakai responds:

Hm, a very interesting interpretation! But I can definitely imagine it, and perhaps with some adjustments I'd be able to fit the piece perfectly to what you're imagining. I didn't really have a particular theme that I worked towards at the time so that section was more for the sake of variety and interest than anything else. Still, maybe you could say it was the part where the heroes catch a break at an oasis before a night's rest.

Thanks for the response!

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