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Highly influenced from some keygens Razor1911 was making back in the day, chiptunes and stuff, the title of this is actually: WoTW Razor 1911 Int

on the xm audio file, but I don't know from where it is originated or influenced so I made it all over myself

I think it was sony vegas :P

So I hope you will like it guys!

I think wotw stands for War of the worlds

PS. Cancer to all those voting 1 star out of jealously


Really great song title for such a good son I loved it! And also the beat drop was amazing!

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SpeTheof responds:

thank you mate

hm...intro was sort of...idk quite a bore. The little flute and tapping is quite beautiful, I also like the bass-like in between 0:50-1:00
Right around the 2:00 sounds repetitive in my opinion, the ending was quite blissful as the song "evens" out towards the end.

SpeTheof responds:

lol ok, i disagree on every kind of perspective you might see the song, a melodic, calm starting intro bores you because you may be into more aggressive kind of music and probably prefer some drums, i prefer pure melodies, some echo and a slow pace which slowly builds up into a solid easy-to-listen kind of beat on this particular song, which particular song strongly emphasizes in the melody and harmonies, so if you are the kind of person who chills and listens to this i am pretty sure it will make u smile and have a good feeling, if you are a kind of person who wants something pumpy, i have other songs for you =D

I like that you mentioned what you actually loved here, which is a simple sine bass, and yes, the repetitiveness on this song is what makes it stuck in your head, it has a simple chord progression and has small alterations on every bar.

Ending is supposed to be the opposite of the intro, slowly building out from 100 to 0, and that's what makes the song structure, for a good structure imagine you writing an essay, you first write a small introduction, then the main thing, and at the end your conclusion, the same goes for a full song

Thanks for your review! =D

Amazing! Better than I can make yet. Keep it up! sounds awesome.
You gave it just the right proportions of intensity, at the right times!
I love melody, altogether, it is a nice bridge between too slow, and too fast. just right !
5 stars :3

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SpeTheof responds:

Thank you my man

Very nice dude! It kinda gives that cave exploring vibe for me, and the melody is fantastic! I kinda have mixed opinions on the intro until 0:30. It sounds cool, but it might sound better without it. I'm honestly not sure :/ but keep doing what you're doing bud, you got talent :)

SpeTheof responds:

thanks for ur kind words

I'm really torn by this song. There are some parts that I'm really enjoying, and then other parts that ruin it.

0:00 - 0:30 I almost didn't make it to 0:30 because the intro was so boring. There was nothing there that interested me.
0:30 - I felt this was when the music actually began.
0:48 - I really love the quick double tapping background. It complements the melody very well without overpowering it.
1:03 & 2:05 - I felt these parts were very weak and lazy. There is no energy to them to carry it. You had some amazing dancing feelings before and when the drops came, it was very lacking and ruined it for me.
3:06 - I enjoyed the ending. It was a good way to sum it all up.

Overall you have some great sounding parts, and some really lacking parts. I feel if you put more energy into those boring parts, you'll have a solid song.

SpeTheof responds:

thanks for the review and ur opinion

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Feb 2, 2018
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