Dragonic Conjuring

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A man able to summon Dragons at will, set out
to accomplish a near impossible mission
for his king. He valiantly prepared for the dangers,
summoned one of his Dragons, and set out
on what could be his last journey to destroy an
enemy fortress.

The Dragon carries the summoner
high up in the Sky and sees the entire land in all its
glory as they enjoy the calm before the storm.

As expected, danger is inbound! An opposing Bone Dragon
arrives on the horizon and has its eyes set on
the summoner and his conjured Dragon!

The battle was a close one, but a victory nontheless.
It took its toll on the Dragon as it lost its right eye
from a massive blow. They continue their journey
throughout the massive land.

They are getting closer to the enemy fortress
in which they had set out for.
Necromancers and gargoyles
await in the fearful battle to come.
The summoner readies his second Dragon
in preparation for a fight to the death!

One of the Dragon's had been lost to the violent
encounter, and the other one had been blinded.
But the victory was theirs!
The Summoner sat against a wall in the now ruined
fortress and took a breather before slowly dying himself.

His accomplishments were forever remembered
in grand tales shared among people throughout history.


Now this is cool! I don't know how this was able to get me interested, as I never really am a Metal fan(But at the same time I don't hate Metal, so calm down xD) so that's really amazing. The chords, basses, well pretty much everything was put to make it have a theme to it. I can see where the dragon adventure inspiration comes in. It's excellent! I may use this in a GD level in the hopes to get it attention as I'm a good creator but have no features because I never released a level in about 2 years but I have always been practicing. I don't know what to name it, but I will probably name it by the song name and get a friend to help me with gameplay. Overall, it's an amazing song, keep doing what you do, you're doing great!

Also, why did you block Synergetic Enigma and Crimson Chalice? Is RobTop using them for an official level or did you think that Ouroboros and Crimson Planet were official levels, or are you going to unblock it eventually when they are both done and verified? If the song isn't open to GD, then the song won't get noticed as the link isn't included when it's put in a level when it's released. Creators edit the files of the game to get the song in, but other players won't hear it(get a different song) and it won't be linked in-game. Also, if more levels use the song, it will start being used more in GD, which grabs a ton of attention! But if you keep it blocked, Ouroboros and Crimson Planet will take longer to release as it would have to find another person's song that syncs before releasing it to replace it until the official is unblocked or published. There are probably already plans for it but I just found you.

One last question, do you play GD? Just a curiousity. :)

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DanJohansen responds:

Hey man! Glad you dig the track despite not being big on metal :)
The tracks will unblock once those levels are released. I didn't block them, they were requested to be blocked, but I had no disagreement with it. Noone wanted to use those tracks before Viprin wanted to use them, Synergetic had been released for over a year when he wanted to use it. So I take pride in that temp exclusiveness since he brought the track to attention.

As for GD, I never play it no :) Right now I am gaming Monster Hunter World.

Awesome instrumental , and the story that accompanies it is EPIC

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DanJohansen responds:

Thanks a ton man! Rock on! :D

aight im makin a lvl with this its amazing keep it up bro

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DanJohansen responds:

Sweet dude! I would dig to see that for sure, PM me when it's getting close to release! So I can give you info and stuff :)

OH MY GOD! This is literally the BEST thing I have heard this year! Great job! I might name a level Dragonical Interception, it fits it! Good job Dan!

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DanJohansen responds:

Thanks dude!! Glad you're digging it! Dragonical Interception sounds awesome man! GO FOR IT!

Once again a dope theatric track full of heavy-metalness, also one question, that part in Synergetic Enigma 1:26, that's the dopest noise ever to protrude into my eardrums, could you try something epic like that again, if not it's cool, I'll just jam to the other tracks which are still hella epic, like something out of a video game, best artist on newgrounds

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DanJohansen responds:

Thanks a ton for listening and digging the new track man! Appreciate it a ton. As for the 1:26 sound, do you mean the snare effect? Or the part in general?

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Jan 10, 2018
3:40 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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