Paracosm - Memory Microcosm

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Track 6

A bit of a weird combo of ambient, trance, and even a little future bass. I didn't know how to define this until someone said this is kinda like Vaporwave, so yeah, I'd actually say this is probably closest to Vaporwave...

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This is a really cool song! I like the beats and especially how long it is, it's just great to listen to. Sort of reminds me of, "Future Funk" but I think this is a bit different in the good way.
Overall, good job, dude.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Thanks, I don't like this one in retrospect, because I was even worse than I already am now at mastering when I made this; and I just generally felt I coulda done better with it. Still, what you described was exactly what I was going for. It's supposed to feel nostalgaic even though it obviously isn't something you grew up with, and ethereal and strange but in more of a "cute" way than an epic way, so I'm glad that this was something some people enjoyed. It's been a while since I've done something like this, the only thing close to it I've done at all is probably Simulation from the EP I made after this (Technology), so now I've found some wierd sounds you can make with Sytrus I might be making another in a similar style soon.

learn how to eq. everything is too loud and top heavy

Doublechindoge7 responds:

This isn't particularly louder than any of my other tracks, and besides some older dubstep I've never gotten this complaint... I'm kinda confused, I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact I EQ'd this quite a lot to convey a "filtered" feel. There's an automation clip on the big chords throughout which emphasizes the high end at the kick and low end at the snare. What do you mean by "top heavy" too...

I imagine you're trying to give constructive criticism, but it comes off as trying to be an insult to me (although I'm not saying that was your intention, I imagine not). I mean instead of saying "the EQ isn't very good" you say "learn how to EQ", implying I have no idea how to EQ, when I do. Even though I've done a bit of searching in the past, I never really found any "rules" to EQ-ing per se, so I can certainly believe my method isn't optimal; I've only based my mastering off of my own experiences so I certainly believe you when you tell me it's flawed, but why is it?

Ultimately, again I don't imagine this was your intention, but your criticism isn't very constructive... Like what's wrong with the EQ? Is it peaking too much? Do I need to reduce the high end? mid end? low end? Seriously, I would like to know. Maybe the "top heavy" part explains that, but again, I have NO idea what you mean, the only context I've ever heard the word "top-heavy" in is to describe fractions.

Could you please PM me what your problem with the EQ-ing is so I can improve, 'cause I'm gonna be honest I'm quite in the dark as how music is "supposed" to be made, and I'd genuinely like to know. I mean, I'm only 15, which is probably mostly I don't know this stuff; but I still have almost 4 years of experience, and I don't know whether what I learned is "correct" so to speak, since I'm mostly self-taught bar some SeamlessR videos...

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Nov 23, 2017
1:11 PM EST
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