Paracosm - Memory Microcosm

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Track 6

A bit of a weird combo of ambient, trance, and even a little future bass. I didn't know how to define this until someone said this is kinda like Vaporwave, so yeah, I'd actually say this is probably closest to Vaporwave...


learn how to eq. everything is too loud and top heavy

Doublechindoge7 responds:

This isn't particularly louder than any of my other tracks, and besides some older dubstep I've never gotten this complaint... I'm kinda confused, I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact I EQ'd this quite a lot to convey a "filtered" feel. There's an automation clip on the big chords throughout which emphasizes the high end at the kick and low end at the snare. What do you mean by "top heavy" too...

I imagine you're trying to give constructive criticism, but it comes off as trying to be an insult to me (although I'm not saying that was your intention, I imagine not). I mean instead of saying "the EQ isn't very good" you say "learn how to EQ", implying I have no idea how to EQ, when I do. Even though I've done a bit of searching in the past, I never really found any "rules" to EQ-ing per se, so I can certainly believe my method isn't optimal; I've only based my mastering off of my own experiences so I certainly believe you when you tell me it's flawed, but why is it?

Ultimately, again I don't imagine this was your intention, but your criticism isn't very constructive... Like what's wrong with the EQ? Is it peaking too much? Do I need to reduce the high end? mid end? low end? Seriously, I would like to know. Maybe the "top heavy" part explains that, but again, I have NO idea what you mean, the only context I've ever heard the word "top-heavy" in is to describe fractions.

Could you please PM me what your problem with the EQ-ing is so I can improve, 'cause I'm gonna be honest I'm quite in the dark as how music is "supposed" to be made, and I'd genuinely like to know. I mean, I'm only 15, which is probably mostly I don't know this stuff; but I still have almost 4 years of experience, and I don't know whether what I learned is "correct" so to speak, since I'm mostly self-taught bar some SeamlessR videos...

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Nov 23, 2017
1:11 PM EST
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