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You Not Ready

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Author Comments

*EDIT Sept 23rd, 2017-
...6th time's the charm I think. Pretty sure this'll be the album version so please let me know if you like the track or whatever sons

Beat and samples by DJ Shak. And Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip and Big Punisher. Word...


You not ready to hot box with a god silly//
You not ready you not conquerin' Jon's city //
You not ready to be gunned by the g-boy//
You not ready to be stung by the b-boy//

You not ready for street walkin with arms ready//
Cuz you not ready to be walkin you top heavy//
And you not ready to reap all the rewards really//
And you not ready for me naw- no you not ready//


I'm not a hater y'all just suck a lot //
If this is a business of entertaining then I'm a victim of culture shock//
My record dropped and it was ultra hot//
But y'all didn't listen cuz if you listened it would'nt a been a fuckin' flop//

Who wanna know if I'm a thug or not//
I'm putting you nuisances in a group an' I pummel through I'm a Juggernaut//
True ain't an emcee ever been hotter//
Hooligan looping you in a noose and then thumpin' you like a pinata//

I'll take you under the summer sun and I'll beatchu//
Relentlessly til essentially you a puddle a' fuckin blood//
... & your significance is this small //
... & your existences is this long //

You beef with me you getting dissed hard //
You beef with me legally & you gonna be dissed harder and disbarred//
...You silly thinking you can get far//
I'm leaving these simpletons diss-missed and diss-figured with this bar//

And this is for your own good, //
You interfere you gon' disappear from your own hood (and that's fo sho, bruh) //
Boy I'm Jonny Rotten, you punk bitch //
Imma Sex Pistol, I love guns, you suck- dicks//

The audacity thatchu bastards have when you laugh at me//
'And my tenacity on the path I travel's a travesty//
Yeah... getchowass kicked in the trap, bitch,//
Getchowass kicked to my smooth fabulous rap hits//


I got used to it- doin' all of my nefarious stuff//
I carry a- barrel of drugs, ammunition and guns//
I'm buryin enemies after they corpses is rolled in //
And filled with more formaldehyde than a morgue in New Orleans//

I'm out of patien(ts) like doctors with awful reputations//
I'm out of things I can offer you all so salutations//
I'm scared 'a you so I'm takin extra precautions'n //
Buryin you alive at a cemetery in Boston//

I'm off the hinges like a door after an argument is//
Imma part of this like a dorsal fin on a
dolphin is//
..You a Buddhist grippin' a crucifix//
Yo ass is useless as human tits on a tuna fish//

Imma super villain my getup is just a few socks//
2 on my feet and another one on my huge cock//
Nerdiest kid in school yeah you heard what I just said //
I had perfect attendance in detention and sex ed //

So fuckin' G my own homies won't even fuck wit me//
So luckily I'm a loner don't even fuck wit me //
I spun the vinyl on the Wheels of Steel//
(Back in the day) I'd steal your wheels for real and I still will//

I plead the 4th I don't even know what the 5th is//
I drink a 5th I don't even know what a 6th is//
Bitch I'm ill as hell and I sling trees //
Y'all some Philadelphia cream cheese//

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I always love when I randomly check Newgrounds and there's a new Teq track for my ears to feast on.

Teqneek responds:

Oh I got a feast coming sir. I hope your ears... are prepared... for the feast... of music. And in it, imma rhyme Insidious- with Insidious.
And it's ridiculous...
Like the number of dicks yo' lips have kissed...

sumthin sumthin sumthin blah blah blah eventually the ridiculous rhymes in said song get exhausted to the point where I'm rhyming all like, "the gift of syphilis I'mma give to yo mistresses"

okay good talk holla

Credits & Info


4.12 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2017
11:23 PM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
3 min 27 sec

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