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Sonic 3 - Frozen In Despair (Ice Cap)

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Author Comments

Track: 086//Length: 6:28//Style: Techno//Speed: 150 BPM//Loops: 32//Measures: 243//Time Taken: 18 days

Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

What all can I say about this one? I tried my best to make this my best of all time. I threw in every bit of knowledge I’ve obtained over the years into this one piece. THIS RIGHT HERE is my Magnum Opus. But why did I work so hard on this? Couple of reasons, actually. Obviously I’m looking to get attention from the right people, and I’m making a profile to send in and maybe get actual work with it. Yes, this is also in celebration of the new game, Sonic Mania

But there’s also this one fan, Sitruc-semaj, who has been following me since day one. He’s heard everything I’ve got. He’s even been watching my wrestling career. That’s pretty cool. He’s seen me grow and change as a person. He notices I’ve already got two versions of Ice Cap. Yes, this here is my third installment of the legendary Sonic track. The first one was my first ever publication ever. The second one was made to commemorate my fifth year as a public musician. So he says, “I wonder, after all this time, just how much you can improve it now.” It was a challenge I unhesitantly accepted. But seeing as this is my third, and probably final remix of Ice Cap, I decided to make it interesting.

People have also been wondering why I never sing in my pieces. Yes it’s because they are remixes, but also I never know how people will take it. My vocals in the past aren’t really that great, my father usually discouraged loud noises back then as he worked from home, so getting good vocals was very difficult back then. But since then I have won many karaoke contests, and people really liked my voice, so I decided to add some lyrics to this one. Really show off what I can do. I think this is a definite improvement from my past vocals, by FAR. That and I needed filler XD

Though I put in everything I knew, all aspects I ever learned, like some LFO and pan-play as well as volume play and an assortment of special effects, I also learned a little bit more from this one. I learned how to control distortion using resonance. Super-sensitive tool, too much can be deafening and too little will be silent. I learned how to flanger LFO into interesting wavelengths as you will hear with the bass synth. I learned how to precisely edit different channels of audio and make everything pitch and volume perfect. There was a lot put into this one, more than I’ve ever done before.

This is it! Everything you need to know about me and my music, look no further than Frozen In Despair. But I will say, it only goes up from here. Big thanks to everyone for years of support, special thanks to Sonic Stadium, Struc-semaj, the Newgrounds Audio crew (heck, all of Newgrounds for that matter), and all the fans. And you, the reader of course, for the listen

LYRICS: Stranded in my glacial wasteland//I try to wave you down, but you don’t see my hand//What will it take for you to hear me, what will it take for you to care?//Your frozen heart left me to die here, frozen in despair////But so you know my will’s not broken//My fire’s growing inside, and soon I’ll be unfrozen//Will you be there when I need you, will you be the one to care?//Your frozen heart won’t even stop me, frozen in despair

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Icecap straight fire ironically

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

This ice don't melt, that's for sure :D

How else can I offer anything other than the 5 stars you deserve? Such a lengthy track with quite a few interesting transitions. Almost like 4 amazing ice cap remixes in one.

The time and efforts you've put in this are clearly evident. And the lyrics/voiceover actually work. It's something you wouldn't naturally think works but actually is a nice touch.

Eternally grateful for your efforts, your music has influenced my life more than you could ever know.

James - Sitrucsemaj

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

I gotta say that really does mean so much, and a review like this is always just so motivating. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support throughout the ages!

I'm really glad you liked this one. It was definitely one of my favorite ones to make so far, and I've learned so much about mixing. This particular track will always have a place in my personal history, as this was definitely a start of a new era for me

I'm kinda speechless :D

One breathtaking masterpiece you have there!
Honestly, I'm in love with it :)

The vocals are a bit too quiet... but your singing (and those lyrics) completely fit!

Harmony - perfect
Atmosphere - perfect
Vocals - nearly perfect -> go bud! I believe in you :)

There is nearly nothing to complain about.

4.5 Stars (5)

- Kyro

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thanks Kyro! That means a lot. I did work real hard on it. I was hoping to show it to someone that could really launch a career or something.

Know what? I did try to make the vocals louder, but it ended up distorting. Might need a better mic, but this one was pretty good for its price. Maybe I over edited it actually lol

Hello there Pauly! Let's go with the review.

Ah, this brings so many fond memories from my childhood. You have captured the most authentic essence of the old Sonic's OST. Fast melodies and progressions, retro techno vibes,... I LOVE IT.
The only thing that bugs me a bit is that the vocals don't stand out as much as I would like to, they seem to be covered by the rest of the song in some parts. Despite that, this is a HUGE effort from your part, and needs to be recognized. Hope this review helped you!


PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Much appreciated. The vocals were little tough to do. First they were too loud, then I over edited it, and before I know it's too late to undo it XD The lesson here is to save a whole new file with the original clips in case I have to go back lol. But it means a lot to me that you enjoyed this. I put everything I knew into it and am hoping for it to pay off XD Thanks again

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2017
9:07 PM EDT
File Info
8 MB
6 min 29 sec

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*You may not use this work without making specific arrangements with the artist UNLESS your work is a web-based game or animation, in which case you may use this freely.

** Remix of a third-party piece.
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