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Love Never Ending


Author Comments

This is being pitched for National TV.

But ...

It goes much deeper than that. I was heavily inspired by a young woman I've met who happens to have a little girl of her own.

They're both great.

So, this is actually a personal piece by me -- something I rarely do these days -- and exhibits aspects of my current situation with this young woman. Attraction, awe, and a sense of adventure as I'm treading on new territory are all featured in this piece. It's interesting how it's always a woman who drives me to create big pieces like this.

Featured instrument? The cello of course -- one of the most romantic instruments in my opinion.

This is a longer commentary than usual, so let me say that I hope you enjoy the music. Please let me know what sort of images come to your mind. Are there any special people in your life that my music hopefully reminds you of? I'm not the greatest composer, but my main focus is to write with emotion. I hope that I am at least successful at that.

Music for Champions.

Composed by: Jon Babb
Album Art by: Giedrius
Cellist: Carolina Teruel


So I will start out with why I only am giving it a 4.5 rating. One, I can't give it a 4.85, so I blame it partially on the rating system. 2. The point at 1:30 was such an explosion of power that it seemed little out of place. The Cello seemed like it knew where it was going and was going to lead the pack in this grand climax and instead of everything crescendo into this point but, when it came the violins and rest of the strings, it fell short, almost as if they dropped out, while the rest of the orchestra immediately started at a Fortissimo.

Now on the plus side, the piece thoroughly accomplished what you set out to do. I had a sense of grandeur and adventure whilst listening, and after reading your comments on the piece the pieces started to fit together. Now, I criticized it up top but I will say that the explosion at the 1:30 mark makes sense for what you are trying to accomplish, after having read your description. The music truly made this an adventure worth experiencing. Bravo.

Bosa responds:

Thank you very much for the in-depth review!

I usually never review songs in here because I feel like my opinion isn't relevant enough to rate things that I barely know a couple things about and I can't really give any great advice, so I limit myself to enjoy listening.

I've been following you for some time now. I'm a big fan of your work and how amazing your progress has been in all these years. And this just lead to one of the best experiences I had in a really long time, which was listening to this and reading about what your inspiration was.

Yeah, it probably sounds like the usual "I can relate to this" cliche. However, I still feel like I need to say that I was feeling more about this song than I expected and reading the description made me understand why. There's someone special in my life too, someone who means a world for me, and this song, or piece, is an incredibly accurate representation of that feeling.

I might not be able to give you any advice as a musician, but I can definitely say if you really tried to write your emotions into it, you did a beyond amazing work. Thank you for this.

Bosa responds:

Wow, thank you so much! I have to admit my thoughts go back to the special person in my life too, especially after reading your review here. So good to know that my song is doing its job!

As long as there are people like you who can appreciate the reasoning behind my music, and for the sake of love, I will continue to write with emotion. Thank you again for the encouraging post!


Speechless. Good luck!

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Bosa responds:

You are such a great friend! Thank you so much!

My LORD you outdid yourself with the instrumentation in this one! I want to make a joke about the cowbell being more romantic than the cello, but you've just done so well with this piece. Your mastering, samples used, overall instrumentation, progression, dynamics... Oh my, this is truly wonderful. It's so much more FULL of sound than many of your pieces and I feel this could be one of your best pieces to date! The use of the french horns is magnificent, and after the song ends I'm just CRAVING more from it! Everything from the gentle bass drum rolls to the flute and vocals in the entrance, to the oboe coming in, then the brass. I almost always crave more of that bass drum from its powerful hits, and despite it being toned back, it sounds magnificent because that's exactly how it SHOULD be in a piece such as this. I shudder at the thought of hearing a live performance of this as it would truly be awe-inspiring.

I really hope you keep making magnificent works such as this. They really do make me just feel all happy inside.

Again, thanks as always for sharing with us all!


Bosa responds:

Thank you!

Very well done friend :) Lush sound and great production, very epic. This is a very cinematic and classical piece and reminds me of the great composers silvestri and goldsmith. You really improved a lot good there - this is tripple A quality! I wish you all the best with your 2 girls - they definitely inspire you :) I dont really know what to say - there is nothing to critizise IMO. Flawless Victory!

All the best and keep up the great work!

Bosa responds:

You don't know how good it is for me to hear that from you! This has been a month long project and I poured out everything I had into it, so I am happy to see it pay off.

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4.90 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2017
9:59 AM EDT
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2 min 34 sec

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