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EDIT: Final draft is out! Description incoming.

Holy moly :O I think I've just written my most ridiculous journey yet

This track was made for NGADM '17. What does that mean? The Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, or NGADM, is the most prestigious and bloody competition on Newgrounds. It's hosted annually, and it's open audition - however, only 64 make it in. In it, contestants are placed on a tournament bracket in which each round, each musician must create a track completely from scratch in two weeks and 1v1 another musician to see who makes the better track - and may the last man standing take the prize. This year is my first time competing, and this first round I'm up against bassfiddlejones, a former NGADM champion, immediately. Needless to say it's gonna be hard to make it through.

Anyway, about the track itself. I dumped a whole ton of random ideas into this one and tried to patch them together best I could with transitions. I may have sacrificed cohesion in favor of a journeying soundscape, but if the sacrifice worked I'll take the hit. It won't beat BFJ, but I'll take the hit. I also spent many days polishing it to make sure every transition worked and every section was as interesting as possible. I hope you liked those triplets I added in the melody, johnfn.

Enjoy! I now patiently await BFJ's glorious magic.

Album art source: Breath of the Wild, Seres Scablands

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It’s spelled the same way backwards lol

1f1n1ty responds:

nooooooooooooooooooo i thought it was different

Pleasant sounds and sick solos

1f1n1ty responds:


Life Travel Is Coming :) Nice song <3

1f1n1ty responds:

no it's not

I'm not sure why people are hearing shrieking. It sounds fine to me?

Anyway, after I heard that intro I knew I was in for a treat. It's always a good thing to start your song off strong because people today have very short attention spans. If you hook them early, they'll stay for the ride.

I love your style -- a mix of both nostalgia and new techniques. It reminds me of good DOS games I played back in the day with solid soundtracks, but with a modern mix and updated devices. Like I said, I love it.

I also love music that tells a story rather than music that is just placeholder and generic; and this piece definitely tells a story. Much like your earlier track -- Peaks -- the transitions are intricate and balanced well enough to retain my interest, while expressing the feelings and emotions behind a scene. The arrangement and writing is truly skilled in that each instrument has received enough attention that its roles are necessary for the track. In other words, I can tell you worked long and hard on each section of the music.

The instruments have a very distinctive sound. Like ChronoNomad said, relaxing and chilled. If there were any problems with them, then I wasn't able to hear anything. Overall I can say that the instruments are very easy on the ears and I can handle that.

I can see why this song appeals to so many people. Well written, well produced, and released with humility. I hope that you can continue in your success, as I see you growing further as well all are. Truly blessed.


1f1n1ty responds:

Hey Bosa, thanks for all the kind words!

DOS games huh I wasn't even alive to see those :P

Ah yes transitions. I guess I've finally gotten to that point where I can consistently command a good transition between very contrasting sections, which was admittedly a long journey to master. Next thing to try is to make consecutive sections sound more like each other so I can avoid doing musical gymnastics to my sound :P

My secret to instruments is pretty much "use presets" which is pretty great as well :P

Now, I know that you started out feeling a whole lot of pressure, first of all because Peaks earned you the highest scoring Audition track, and second because you were immediately matched up against the daunting team of bassfiddlejones & joshgawaldomusic. That much is perfectly understandable, and I cannot fault you for cursing the heavens over such a fate and unleashing the occasional primal yell. Regardless, you pulled yourself together and made another superb track for the Round of 64. I was just as sorry as anyone to see you exit the arena, but now that you're back in I am eager to hear what awaits us from here on out!

Okay, enough about that. On to the review!

Straight out of the gate, we have this very deep yet chill bass-y progression. While, at first listen, it sounds as though there's some sort of unintended popping going on at certain points, upon further inspection I believe that to be the introduction of percussion, due to its rhythmic nature. Next we have that high pan flute, which is quite beautiful, but does seem to have a little too much presence since those especially high frequencies come across as almost painful when listening through my headphones headphones. While switching over to speakers works a bit better, I still believe that there's an overabundance of loudness within the first 28 seconds. A softer combination could have made for a more dynamic and somewhat less harsh-sounding intro. After that, moving on to the fuller, more naturally louder section at :29 would have made an even bigger impact.

On the whole, this track possesses a really relaxing, chill sort vibe. The exception, of course, comes in around 1:21 when the music takes a darker turn. While I found the glitch to be just a bit startling at first, upon subsequent listens I have grown quite used to it and ultimately enjoy the break. It works quite well as a transition, and while that isn't always the case and glitch can easily be overused to the point where it loses effect, that doesn't seem to be a problem here.

You yourself have already brought up the fact that this track is an amalgamation of ideas, ultimately sacrificing a certain level of cohesion, and while that isn't usually the best plan of action within a contest like you, I can't help but feel as though you've managed to pull it off...for the most part. Your transitions are the real workhorses here, tying together each individual section in surprisingly convincing ways. You are indeed to be commended for such a feat, but the fact remains that some parts feel more well-connected than others. You are obviously prepared to accept that reality completely, so I feel that no more need be said.

Moving on to a few more of the inherent issues, there's a whole bunch of popping going on from 3:15 to 3:23. While this is glaringly obvious with headphones, it's a bit more subtle coming out of my speakers. Either way, that is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed, and while the synth itself shouldn't cause that kind of anomaly, it seems to be more attached to the long release or echo/delay that was applied.

And that pretty much brings an end to the constructive feedback portion of our review! I hope that you haven't already heard all of this a dozen times over, but I try not to read and therefore bias my own reviews by looking at those of others. I also prefer to write them live, which gives me an opportunity to listen a few more times as I really dig into the material at hand. May you find this feedback helpful going forward, and best of luck to you in the Round of 32!

9.25 out of 10

1f1n1ty responds:

> "Next we have that high pan flute, which is quite beautiful, but does seem to have a little too much presence since those especially high frequencies come across as almost painful when listening through my headphones headphones"

Headphones headphones? Am I supposed to need those to hear it shrieking like everyone insists it is instead of singing like I hear it is?

Lack of cohesion is generally more or less of an unavoidable accident for me, because it'll just be that I try to make the next sensible section of a track but then 30 minutes later it'll be completely different from how I originally envisioned it and welp no turning back now. Reprimanding it with transitions was all I could do - good thing it happens enough that I've had tons of practice :P Somehow I need to figure out how to avoid that

The culprit of 3:15 was the tempo change. I was waiting for someone to bring it up. I tried may things to get the popping to go away but unfortunately my synths reacted very strangely to tempo adjustments.

Hey thanks for the review and thanks for being awesome and stuff :) I'll see what I can do this next round, not sure what will happen

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Jul 4, 2017
11:56 AM EDT
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