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Karco -- After the Nova --

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Another ambient song... nice pads here. Float in space and view a spectacle.

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It sounds like...

Nice. It sounds like if you're in a movie and a scene shows of some secret information leading to the whereabout of an evil mastermind behind the hack of the worlds leading computers...I just thought that out of nowhere. See, you're songs inspire people.

Karco responds:

Good to hear. XD

Thanks for the review.


Beautiful song there Karco I found it sad in a way and a little bit scary, It's just a great piece. I like it very much 9/10! 4/5! :)

Karco responds:

Sad and scary? Well, I can definitely see where you're coming from with that! :D Thanks for reviewing this one - it's one of my older and better songs. >:)

How Did I Miss This?!!

Wonderful, 'nuff said.

Karco responds:

Thanks, 'nuff said. =D


The beginning left me wondering. The kicks reminded me of time slowing and stopping, enforcing the ambiant feel of the track, but as soon as it gained structure with the hi hat, I was able to start imagining what was to com next...but then it ended. The piano could have used more dynamics,it sounded alittle rigid. Good atmosphere, it had lots of room to grow, but ending it was your choice and I respect that.

I appreciated your style of reviewing, writing as you listen I'm guessing. I gave it a try just there, hah.


Karco responds:

Yeah, actually I have an extended version that just needs a few touch-ups before I submit it. I've been putting it off for a while... I really should get to it. it's been too long since I've submitted. =\

Yep, that's my style of reviewing... writing as I listen. I let the song loop and then I keep writing, too. :P Thanks for the review, glad you like it. :)

Bloody well brilliant!

This was incredible. And quite frankly I loved the kicks, the WHOLE way through! They started off sounding like something from Donkey Kong country, which for the most part had a brilliant sound track.

I have to say, you've struck a gold mine of reviews here, I would have killed to get this many! Well maybe not, but I would have streaked >.>

This was fantastic, the pads were great, and it definately gives that feeling of being in the wake of cataclysm. The piano had a wonderful progression. The hihat.. I don't know. It added the hi range that this needed, but it seemed a tad out of place. Perhaps a phaser and reverb on that as well would have worked nicely, the ending was great, but perhaps a tad sharp.

I'd like to see a nice fast paced song with the same feel..

Same instrument techniques, call it 'Persistant Survival'. The rebuilding after the explosion so to speak.

Either way this is very refreshing, excellent job! Keep it up :D


Karco responds:

Huh, the first person who likes the kicks as much as I do... cool. :)

A gold mine? Not really... I just review a lot. XD I haven't been reviewing as much as I used to, though, so in turn I haven't been getting as many reviews lately... so it's nice to see someone give me that rare review. :)

I actually have an extended version of this song... I think I'm going to make a few touch-ups to it, upload it if I feel it's good enough.

The hihat sounded pretty good to me... hmm. It actually did have some reeverb, I guess I should have made that reeverb more audible. And... a phaser? What's that? Any chance you can PM me and tell me what a phaser is? XD

A fast-paced song with the same feel? Hmm... that would be something for me to try. Don't know if I would upload it, though, depending on how well I do... actually, you just gave me an idea for my work-in-progress, Atmosphere. I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks a lot for the review! Glad you like it. :)

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Feb 24, 2007
12:27 PM EST
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