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Karco - Abyss

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All right, here it is, like I promised!

This is my second ambient track of the year, Abyss. Unlike Temple, it's very dark, and quite experimental, so if this track doesn't go over well with you I won't mind, and you shouldn't either. ;D This isn't a serious work like my full-length trance tracks are, rather, this is something to fill the large gaps between those full-length songs.

Hear that piano? This won't be the last you'll hear of it, it's my new favorite. :D This is a very deep track actually - you'll need to listen to it more than once to hear everything there is to it.

I used Nexus2 liberally for this track (http://refx.com), so if you like these sounds, give it a look! As for the drums, they're just stretched Vengeance Essential Clubsounds loops really. :P Everything was sequenced in FL Studio 8, Producer Edition.

Now, let yourself get swallowed by the abyss...



i wish we could rate 20/10 for songs like this, its got an awesome flow of sound that matches perfect with the drums and many things, i listen to this while playing shooter games and it just puts you into the mood for killing(on games) i have to say you are very skilled and i hope you make a long lasting career out of this.

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it!

its its its....

very evil, like someone is going to die or somethin, idk

Karco responds:

Thanks for reviewing.

its awesome XD

one thing, make a remix kinda of this song; use the piano and intro then turn it into a nice progressive trance or hard trance. would be nice :D
this is a GREAT ambient track thats good for alot of subtle things in flash. i love it :)

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it! I considered a Club Mix of this track but I have other projects I'd rather work on.

Thanks for the review.

Adore it :)

I love how it's so dark in the beginning, then slowly getting a little happier, the wind and piano are amazing to this track =) I feel like im in a creepy place, and seeing random monsters, then the light is guiding me through. It's perfect =)

Beautiful, if you get what it is. Unlike air over there, :/.
You should make more, its peaceful :]
10/10 5/5

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Karco responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! :) I do come back to tracks like this now and then, in fact, it seems like a good idea to make one in the near future - maybe I will. :O

I have to say something

Well, I have read some of your music reviews, and I'm impressed of how rude you can be. And that's even more impressing when I hear your songs and realize that they are just regular, for not saying bad & boring. Like this one, for example.

Who do you think you are for criticize other people's work like you do? And now I'm refering to you review of @ndrea - Candy Dance.

I know I'm not Tiesto or Van Buuren, but neither you. Possibly you think you are much better dj than you are actually.

I consider myself a trance fan, and I have enought capacity for deciding if I like a track or not independently if that track is in the Week top or not. I felt insulted by you when you said that all reviewers give a 10 to a song because it is in the week top. I don't do that.

I can say that this track (Abyss) is extremely boring, always with the windy sound, a piano that sounds without logic, an absurd chorus...

An ambient track doesn't have to be only noises and a 10 seconds long piano loop. It can also have more things that this song doesn't have. You said to @ndrea that Candy Dance what's so generic. Well, where's the originality of Abyss?

In normal circunstances I wouldn't say anything about this track, but I realize that you like to criticize and I though that you would also like to recieve some critics as well.

I hope you enjoyed this one.

Karco responds:


The most important thing for one to know when listening to this is that it is FIRST, an experiment, and SECOND, a track. I don't typically put into ambience the kind of effort that goes into my full-length Trance tracks. What's more, I haven't submitted anything in more than two months, so this or anything else on Newgrounds is no good example of my skill level right now. In a few weeks I'll be submitting something new for a contest, which I've been working hard on for a long time, and then you can judge. ;)

I don't think ALL reviewers give 10s to the Weekly Best, if I sounded like that, perhaps I should have worded myself differently. The support of the audience on Newgrounds is worthless to me because nearly all users praise virtually everything. If an audience likes anything shown to them, what kind of accomplishment is it to gain their support? There are the people on this site, like there are on almost any site, who know what they're talking about, but there are hardly any of them - and what's more, I don't need to submit to Newgrounds when I can use chat to share demos and tracks and get criticism. (Though I don't intend to get into another debate about not submitting to NG, that's another thing entirely.)

Accomplished artists such as xKore, Reasoner, and Zellers have praised this track, and because they make good music and generally know what good music is, I take their opinions seriously. Same deal for my reviews, and my music - not only have I been at it for nearly two years, but both are taken seriously and appreciated by people who have proven themselves time and again skilled and creative. So naturally, when someone who I've never heard of gives my track a 2 in their review (which mostly details what they think is wrong with my reviews, or attacks my track without any reasoning whatsoever), why take them seriously?

From this, and because you seem to have used the same track twice as an example, and have added the artist to your favorites list, I get the impression you're just an angry fan trying to get me back. For that, I've reported the review as abusive (as there's no real criticism in there to begin with). If it's not the case, comment on my news post, and the debate can continue from there - but as it stands, this is laughable.

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Aug 29, 2008
9:54 PM EDT
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