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Wonder Woman Movie Review

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Today I went to see Wonderbra in the cinema.
Unfortunately turns out she was wearing more of a onesie bathing suit.
luckiely she had a very attractive face to make up for it.
So much so that she has to live on a secluded island populated by amazons to avoid the male gaze.
That's right Wonderwoman is the perfect feminist superhero. superheroin? get you super high.
She lives in most matriarchal society of all. A feminist zootopia.
And then she goes out into the world to cleanse men of their toxic masculinity.
Just so she can get ready to join the Social Justice League. And for what is worse she will probably end up being the least retarded member there.
I am not even exagurating the toxic masculinity part. She literally thinks that man was corrupted by the god of war Kratos and compelled to wage senseless wars.
what a great philosophy from a sexist group of bitches that kill all men that wash up on their shore.
kill the men so they wont kill each other.
who are you to judge men for going to war you are literally a tribe of female warriors. fucking hippocrits.
war is the catalyst of innovation. why did we invent computers? to decode nazi messages. why did we invent gunpowder to blow each other up.
war is just another way for men to compete in order to become stronger and smarter. cause the dumb and the weak die.

So she travels with her handsome boy love interest to fight weird world war 1 nazis.
I make it sound worse than it is here. once she gets off the island full of crazy amazons the movie starts getting interesting and enjoyable.
and she is the only one who can pull off that ridiculouse armor that doesn't cover up her vital areas because of her lighting fast reflexes... also I think she might be immortal.
You know what I say about origin stories, everyone has one. but I guess wonder womans butthole is still tight and malliable so it's not too bad
and at least we get to see some historical warfare cause of how old she is. she aged very well tho.
I had hoped it woudln't be necesary to do the origin stories of the entire justice league because we already saw her in B v S.
it would ve been great to just skip ahead until something more intersting happens than just doing 6 origin movies.
but I guess that's just wishful thinking. I mean wonderwoman batman and superman are clearly concepts that do not need to be explained to the audiance. they are heroes they punch evil.
just fuck off with your origin stories already.

but as I said wonderwoman was pretty cool. could ve done without quite as much moral fagging of how bad war is and they could ve skipped the painful feminist utopia.
that went on for too long for sure. if you start your origin story with a 5 year old girl version of your character you ve clearly gone too deep intot hat butthole. that's almost pedophilia.
I don't need to see your protagonist grow up from an age of 5 to relate to her. godamnit. and I certainly didn't need an indepth look at her controlling bitch mother. what is this harry potter?
and what's with this weird accent these women have? sounds as dumb as that retarded accent they made up in after earth. she speaks 200 languages but she hasn't mastered english yet.
Talking about harry potter wonder woman features my favourite british actor David Thewlis, who played professor lupin in harry and he is also my favourite part of this current season of fargo.
I wonder what else he was in without me realizing. a whole lot probably.

Surpisingly the cinema room I went to was completely full to the brim. I hardly even got a seat. Austria is full of crazy lefties that would watch any feminist movie no matter if it is good or not.
I bet the ghost busters movie was sold out too. not that I would go to find out, I wouldn't encourage that nonsense by paying to see it.

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Jun 16, 2017
12:50 PM EDT
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