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Twitchy Finger

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Author Comments

I'm very keen for feedback on what works well, what doesn't - and what should be improved upon in order to consider this a properly 'finished' track. All opinions appreciated :-)


Everyone has already mentioned the problems with the high frequencies, so I won't mention it too much. Just make sure that you don't boost the high frequencies too much. I don't know if you've edited the songs since the previous reviews, but the high frequencies as harsh to me as the other reviews seem to indicate. If you have edited it, you're going in the right direction at least. The part from 0:55 to 1:40 is the only one I find directly painful to listen to.

The arrangement in this really isn't too bad, but it gets really repetitive after a while. You're using the same melody throughout the entire track, and even though you do switch up the parts quite a lot and do introduce some new melodies at times you keep repeating the same melody over.
This would have worked if the melody was catchy and engaging, but the melody is really plain and uninteresting. Melody-work is one of the most crucial parts of usic-production, and you should never take it lightly. People will remember you're song by the melody, so make sure you make a melody that will stick and never let go :).

I am going to say though, that this is really original and interesting :). I kinda get why you would label this as Dance, because it does have some elements that gives me that dance feel, but this is much closer to synthwave, so I would really recommend that you check out and study synthwave music to further develop your style.
You have a lot of good compositional ideas in this, and with some more focus on music theory and mixing, you'll make awesome stuff in the future :). Just keep requesting feedback from us, and we'll keep doing our best to help you improve :D.

{Review Request Club}

I honestly don't need to tell you the stuff AllinatorBEATS already told you much more in detail than I ever could.
Only thing from me - sounds original, keep doing what you do and don't stop doing it so you improve and can make some real sick tunes in the future man :)

Good song, but maybe more bass? I like low sounds in songs, although I understand that this isn't really a song that low-frequency sounds would work well with. It isn't too repetitive, but I think you could include less high frequency because it hurts my ears. Also, at about 1:00, the high frequency goes into overdrive, which doesn't really invoke much feeling.

There are some good ideas in the song, but they're just little snippets. I feel that throughout the song, you're building onto a great idea, but then the excitement sort of dies. I do like how at 1:30 you start going with less high-frequency, and I think you could have continued with that a bit more. 1:40 is great, it's probably my favourite part of the song, but the ambient sounds in the background don't really fit the tune. But it also has the same tune for about 25 seconds, and it doesn't really engage me (Not that I can talk, because a lot of my songs are like that XD).

I don't really understand how this could be classified as a dance song because it doesn't make me feel like I want to jump up and dance to this tune.

I like the transition from 2:10 to 2:20, it sounds very good, and it's definitely a very good progression in your song. You also surprised me with no bass drop there I was half expecting it.

In 2:40 to about 3:00 I like that you're experimenting with different sounds but some of the sounds could be louder or quieter, because a lot of the sounds you're using are quite annoying, which should be kept at a lower sound, whereas some of the loops you're using during that time are quite nice, and really make a difference to the sound of the song.

I love the tune all the way from the 3:00 mark until the end, no criticism here, this sound is well woven into the fabric and is engaging enough for it not to feel annoying.

The ending is great and is very suitable. It is definitely a great improvement from the start and is overall well-sounding.

I hope this review has been of some help to you because I've spent about 30 mins on it and I actually enjoy doing it.



Lot of high frequencies going on here. I can understand some of the tonal ideas, but this fits a lot more under ambient than it does Dance. Do you know any dance tracks that don't have a driving beat to them? I don't!

Texturally, these gates and rhythms are interesting, but I'm just not getting anything but a little tension versus tranquility, until we get to 1:40 or so. Now, this is an interesting idea, but it's implemented poorly.

I like your chords. I don't like that the drums are very cheap sounding, temporary, and totally drowned in the mix. This is one of the indications you've got an amateur producer -- quiet drums. The drums should be very loud relative to the rest of the track. Otherwise they're buried. The way our ears hear, this is just how it has to be. Our minds are not focused on the drums, so they have to be loud.

Now, your ideas are alright, but they don't relate to one another very well. There's not really a melody going on. It's just these sort of weird little progressions, which while they sound interesting, aren't congealing, and lots of portions of the mix are sticking out where they shouldn't. The orchestral bits are particularly offending, as is the stock piano. Feels like a couple different songs put together, and not a dance piece.

I am sorry to say so, but this hurts in my ears... literally. You have some high frequency content there, that creates an so unnatural pressure on my ears, that made it really hard for me to get through the whole nearly 5 minutes of this experience.
In overall this thing seems more like a cumulation of different ideas put together in a rather random manner. Something like a form or something that guides a listener through the track is completely missing. Some parts are simple in harmonic and melodic context, which can work, but repetitiveness can be the death of a track, if there isn't something that keeps it alive. Other parts sound like you've never heard anything about music theory and harmony at all.

At this point I won't say anything about instrumentation, sound design, production, mixing and mastering. There is still so much for you to do with the basics of composing and arrangement.

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2.25 / 5.00

May 6, 2017
10:36 PM EDT
File Info
5.6 MB
4 min 53 sec

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